As a rule I don’t eat out as I am very particular about where I eat and I can not stand restaurants which are not clean or serve bad food and worst of where the service is bad. If I choose to eat out, I like to be treated like royalty.  You get such service in some of the top restaurants in India but only a handful of restaurants round the World.   I don’t usually write Restaurant reviews either but wanted to share my dining experience with you.

The Jaipur Restaurant in Milton Keynes is one of our favourite restaurants. It boasts to be one of the biggest restaurants in Europe. Its is a newly built and the elaborate building is shaped like a large mock Indian temple or palace. It’s fairly close to the station and the Milton Keynes Shopping Mall.   It is the kind of restaurant one goes for a special occasion. The food  served is good and the service is excellent.  The Restaurant has two floors.  The upstairs serves Thai food and the downstairs serves India food – veg and non-veg.  It has plenty of Pay and Display Parking near the restaurant.

The dining experience starts as soon as you climb the steps of the Restaurant with some rickshaws parked in the entrance. The diner is greeted by a receptionist  in full Indian dress who escorts you  through to the restaurant proper. Inside the décor is tasteful with a variety of forms of Indian art adorning the walls and alcoves of the main dinning area. The seating is comfortable with plenty of space between tables.  You never feel rushed throughout the course of the meal.


We ordered several starters and main courses which were all very tasty and each one was served exceptionally by the staff.

I didn’t want to bore you with lots of mixtures so here’s a collection of some of them: (the Pani puris were the best)

Some of the dishes we tried

We finished the meal with masala chai which to my delight was served in an elegant tea service rather than just a cup of tea plonked on your table.


Unfortunately, I did not look at the prices of the items we ordered .   I do remember that it wasn’t a cheap meal but the whole dining experience was worth it.

Next time you want to treat yourselves for a special occasion, I would definitely recommend The Jaipur Restaurant.



  • lovely review looks like you had fun

  • wow! Mina u have given a wonderful description of the jaipur restaurant, and I am really tempted to visit this rest.In U.k its really nice to have such a restaurant so that u don’t miss out ur home country and u feel so homely too.

  • Looks great- such a fancy place. Could you please share with us the names of the dishes you ate there and the price it all came to so we can make a value for money based decision?


  • Sanjana

    The restaurant certainly wasn’t cheap. I did pick up a menu so as soon as I can lay my hands on it, I’ll include some costs in the review.


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