Round up of Kid’s Delight Event

Wow this has been an eventful May for me.  We had a double Bank holiday this month and the children had time off from school too so we haven’t really stopped to relax at all.  We’ve had get togethers with friends and relations, enjoyed the street parties for the Royal wedding, we’ve had Easter Egg hunt and to top it all we had the Euro Vision Song Party.  With all this fun, I’ve not had much time for blogging.

Some of you will recall that Srivalli from spicing your life started an event called Kid’s delight. It’s being hosted each month by a new blogger. I had the pleasure of hosting this wonderful event from 16 April 2011 until 15 May 2011 where bloggers were asked to  create and send in Healthy Vegetarian and Colourful recipe using fruit and vegetable. I received 45 exciting entries and I had real fun visiting all these blogs and looking at everyone’s different styles of cooking. I was also amazed at the variety of food families prepare for their children. It doesn’t matter which part of the World we live in, all of us are keen to make sure that our children eat good healthy and balanced food I present these entries in no partcular order. If I have missed out any entries – I sincerely apologise. Please get in touch and I’ll make sure your entry is included in this Round up.

Please click on the Blog name and it will take you to the blog and recipe.

1. Akheela from Torviewtoronto sent in Quinoa  with Vegetables

2.  Nisha from Nisha’s kitchen made these mixed flour Thalipeeth/mixed flour pancakes.

3. Srivalli from Spicing your Life sent in these Vegetable Poha


4. Rani from Home Vegetarian Recipes sent this Kashmiri Pulav.

5. Miriam from In Vogue at Home sent in these Ice Lollies – Summer Delight on a stick.

6. Sobha from Good Food sent in these Bread Laddu

7. Marri from Hephziskitchen sent in this Fruit Bouquet

8. Sravani from Srav’s Cullinary Concepts sent in these Papaya muffins with chocolate chips

9.  Vaishali from Ribbons to Pasta sent in this entry for Beet, carrot, oats Tikki burger

10. Shobha from Good Food sent in these Pasta Upma

11. Denise from Oh Taste N See sent in this Sweet and sour mango tofu.

12. Vidya from the V Kitchen sent in these falafel and Pita wrap

13. Madhusmita from Redspice sent in this Suji (Rawa)  barfi

14. Sobha from Good Food sent in these Bread Laddu

15.  Richa from Ambrosia sent in this thick Spinach and Carrot soup

16. Denise from Oh Taste N See sent in this Upside down pineapple cake.

17.  Sheetal from Nicks n Jits Kitchen sent in this falafel sandwich

19. Madhusmita from Redspice sent in these Biscuit Sandwiches

19. Nutan Godbole from Rice N Spice sent in this Fruit Pizza

20. Kalyani aka Mom chef from It’s not Madrasi sent in this Mango custard

21. Nirmala from Nirmala’s kitchen sent in this mixed fruit milk shake

22.Vardhini from Vardhini’s kitchen sent in this Low fat Potato au gratin

23.  Chandrani from Cuisine Delights sent in this Macaroni in tomato sauce, Indian style

24. Veena from Veenas Veg Junction sent in these stuffed chappatis

25. Sravani from Srav’s Culinary Concepts sent in these Spinach Vadas

26. Jyoti from Pages sent in this Fruit salad with Chaat

27. Anamika from Taste Junction sent in this Banana cake

28. Shy from Shy’s Kitchen Chronicles  sent in this Simple and delicious meal in one (Baked Vagetables and Mushroom and Spinach cheese toast)

29. Jaleel Kamal from L samaiyalattakaasangkal sent in these crispy cauliflower

30.  Priya from Priya’s Easy N Tasty recipes sent in this Bisi Bele Bath

31. Priya from Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes sent in these Beets, Soya chunks and Methi Pulao

32.  .Priya from Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes sent in this Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

33.Priya from Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes sent in these Spinach,Sweetcorn & Mushroom Quesadillas

34. Priya from Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes sent in this Savoury Bellpepper & Broccoli Cake

35.  Shobha from Good Food sent in these Vegetable cutlets
36. Mina from Authentic Vegetarian Recipes sent in these cappellacci pasta with tomato sauce
37.  Mina from Authentic Vegetarian Recipes sent in these Easy to make sandwich snack
38.  Lissie from Salt and Spice sent in this Mushroom rice.

39.  Sobha from Good Food sent in these Chappati tortilla Pizza Rolls

Thank you all very much for your entries and a BIG special thanks to Srivalli for letting me host this event.