Hubby’s treat:

Yesterday, Mr J. decided that he would cook the dinner.  He used to cook when we were newly married  but lately he has been so busy and we don’t see him often in the kitchen.  His parents owned a restaurant so he’s a pretty good cook.   Yesterday he made a really scrumptious Gujju ratatouille, rice, soft and fluffy puris, banana raita, fried chillies, papad and lassi.   Unfortunately I was not allowed in the kitchen and  he didn’t take any pictures when he was cooking so I only have the final dishes to show you.   Here’s the gujju ratatouille which was a mixture of vegetables cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. I have asked him for the recipe and will make it soon  and share the recipe.

The softest and fluffiest pooris made with chappati flour with some yogurt added to it when binding the flour. He made these with all his love.  You can see that one of the puris looks almost heart shaped!!

The banana raita is his signature dish and it tasted heavenly.  The fried chillies were great too.
It was really lovely to be able to complete all my household chores and not worry about the cooking.   Mr J was in the library borrowing cookery books and has offered to make dinner every Saturday.  Thank you Mr J.  Looking forward to next Saturday’s dinner.

I enjoy cooking too but I work full time so it’s nice to have a helping hand.  He’s also very good at keeping the kitchen tidy and clearing up after cooking so I have no complaints about him taking over the cooking some days.

I wonder how many husbands would offer to take on the cooking for one day of the week. Do let me know by leaving me some comments.