Chick pea curry, rice and naan bread

I got home fairly late after a busy day at work and as I parked my car I was wondering what to cook.   As I opened the front, the scent of lovely food being cooked wafted through.  I was really surprised to see that dinner was ready.  Today’s meal was prepared by my better half with the help of my handsome son.  They made chick peas in a tomato gravy, rice and naan bread.   They said that they had followed my recipe which they had printed off to follow!!  But the curry made by this duo turned out to be of a rich colour and full of flavours.  I think it tasted better than mine   The rice was cooked to perfection with lots of butter added to it!!   It was delicious.  It was great to relax and enjoy the meal with them.   I hope they will do this more often.