Hot Jalebis and lamba gathia for Saturday brunch

Spring is in the air!!  I had kept some Ondhwa mixture and jalebi mixture to ferment last night.  Surprisingly, the jalebi’s turned out really great this morning so we had a brunch of  store bought papdi gathia and home made jalebi.  Recipe for lamba gathia is in my blog.

I made some lamba gathia too.

They turned out great following my recipe:


  • love Jalebi anytime. Looks so yummy

    • Thanks Sapana. I love them anytime too as long as the are sweet and crunchy.

  • jalebi and gathia on saturday morning quite a treat,thats was my fav breakfast.

    • Thanks Meena. Now that the weather is improving, it’s a joy to cook nice dishes for breakfast.

  • Looks so delish!! I’ve never tackled Jalebi, though I love eating them.Yours look great.

  • Omg, jalebis and gathia,feel like inviting myself to ur place.

  • Wow… Jalebi and gathia looks great.. Lovely clicks… I’m a new blogger… Do visit my blog..

  • Mina a traditional gujju breakfact. Perfect so I am coming over to enjoy it.:)

  • Shruti J

    I’m anytime up for gathiya!!! ‘Joshi’ so you too are Gujarati, I guess… So undoubtedly, you must be fond of having gathiya-jalebi on sunday brunch, like me 😛

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