Khichedi, Spinach Curry and Kachumber – Comfort Dinner for tonight

Colleagues in my office had a cold and I seem to have caught it.  So I was in the mood for some good old fashioned comfort food.  Several of my facebook friends had suggested that I should have khichedi and kadhi.  Khichedi is really easy to make. The full recipe has been posted here.  You just mix an equal proportion of rice to green lentils and  (some friends like to use one portion rice to two portions lentils) add in salt to taste, some  turmeric, pinch of asafoetida and some water and cook it gently on a medium heat. Once cooked it can be served in lots of ways. Some add butter to it, some have it with various curries and some have it with milk or yogurt.  It’s a real old fashioned dish which is very filling.  I served it with spinach curry as it’s one of those curries which is also quick and easy to cook.

Whenever I have a cold, I really enjoy having an onion and tomato salad  with my dinner. I felt a lot better after I had my dinner.  Recipes for all the dishes mentioned in today’s article are in my blog and I have given you the links wherever I could.