Ondhwo, or Handvo for Sunday brunch

I love Sunday mornings as it’s one of those quiet and peaceful days.  Most of the family members tend to enjoy a lie in and It gives me a chance to cook them something nice for brunch.  This morning we are having hot Ondhwo. (Some people call it Handvo or Ondhwa).  This dish is a regular one in our household as it’s often been a life saver when we are decorating or gardening.  It’s a meal in itself as it if full of a selection of lentils and grains as well as fresh vegetables.  I would say that it’s like eating a savoury cake.  It needs a bit of preparation as you need to soak the Ondhwa flours in yogurt overnight.  Lots of people skip this step and make it instantly (by adding Eno fruit salt  as a raising agent I think) but this it tastes better when prepared my way.  The fermentation in yogurt helps it the ondhwa rise and also gives it the lovely yogurty taste.  We usually serve it hot with a selection of chutneys and dips.   The left over Handvo will go in my lunch box.

This Handvo  was served with green chutney, tamarind sauce and coconut chutney.  Links to the recipes are in this article.