Sandwiches and home made yogurt using chilli stems

I had a busy day with meetings during the day and networking with a Community group this evening.  Both the events had various finger foods so I did not want a huge meal when I got home.  Tonight I made some spicy sandwiches using a sandwich maker.  I used potatoes, mixed vegetables, onions and spices to create a samosa type of a filling for my toasted sandwiches 

I also wanted to share with you an experiment I tried this week. I usually make home made yogurt every other day.  I read in Harini’s blog about making yogurt from cashews and using chilli stems as a starter for making yogurt.  She explains that chilli stems release hormones which when added to warm milk can help to make yogurt.  In her blog, she uses the chilli stems  to make yogurt using cashew milk.  I suggest you read her interesting article. I used the chilli stems to add to warm milk,  It took slightly longer than normal for the yogurt to set but I was pleased to see that the milk did set and form a lovely yogurt.  So if ever you run out of the starter yogurt to make yogurt…try using chilli stems.