Review of ‘Skinni Takeaway’ meals from Boossh


I was sent a sample of a vegetarian biryani “skinni takeaway” to try.  It came in a foil packet and looked very similar to the space food.  I followed the instructions on the packet and added the correct amount of boiling water to the freeze dried ingredients in the packet.



After 8 minutes, I served the biryani with a garnishing of coriander and a dash of mango chutney.  The biryani had just the right amount of moisture and it tasted perfect.  It had just the right spices and I could not believe that a meal out of a packet would taste so great.  I would certainly have this dish again.  For more details of their range of products please  visit

I would like to thank Boossh for sending me the biryani sample. All the views and opinion mentioned in this post are my own and I did not get paid to write this review.

Heres is some information Boossh also sent me:

THE WORLD’S first ever low calorie freeze dried meals are now on sale that are specifically designed to offer a tasty, nutritious and healthy alternative to the UK’s most popular takeaways.

The Skinni Takeaway range is the brainchild of Boossh, which specialises in low calorie meal replacements. Initial products include Thai green chicken and rice, chicken with black bean sauce and noodles, vegetable biryani, chicken teriyaki and noodles and there are many more in the pipeline.

All Skinni Takeaway products are free of artificial additives, colourings and GM products and come in retort pouches, which offer a long shelf-life and can be stored at room temperature, meaning diners simply add boiling water and wait for the meal to hydrate.

A spokesperson for Boossh explains: “We know from our experience in the diet industry that the biggest challenge for people trying to lose weight comes when friends and family order takeaways and temptations creep in and this has resulted in us launching Skinni Takeaways.
“Every product in the range is specifically designed to appeal to people on any type of diet plan who want a tasty, satisfying and convenient meal that is full of natural flavour and nutritional benefits.

“Skinni Takeaway products are unlike anything else on the market because although there are other low calorie meals available in retort packaging, they are all heated to temperatures that destroy lots of their nutritional values during the manufacturing process. However our products use innovative freeze drying technology so they come with all the benefits of retort packaging but maintain their taste, flavour, quality and appearance.”

Boossh’s extensive range of products is already championed by celebrities including Linda Nolan and includes shakes, soups, mealpaks, yoghurts, ‘skinny’ pasta and more. For more details visit