Blog Camp and Cheat Recipe Pizza


Yesterday was the first time I attended a Blog related event.   My thanks to Nayna Kanabar of Simply Foods and Citrus Spice for telling me about attending the last blog camp event and how much she had learnt from it.  This Blog Camp was in Birmingham which meant that it was a very long cross country train ride for me.   It was a very early start  for me and I didn’t get back home until late so I had to cheat and get a Store bought pizza to tart up and cook when I got in.

This  Blog camp had some great sessions and I attended two of the photography sessions where I learnt about quite a new features I can use in my SLR camera and the iPhone.  I don’t usually use my iPhone pictures for my blog and I was surprised to hear that not only pictures but also videos taken on the iPhone are good enough to be used in one’s blog.   The picture of the pizza above was taken by my iPhone.   As it was dark so I wasn’t that pleased with the picture but I was not in the mood for taking out my SLR camera.  Here’s some pictures from the Food photography session taken with my SLR camera.   The presenter showed us a Goriila pad which can be used for holding the iPhone when taking pictures or videos.  It was great and I will be scanning the on-line shops to get one soon.

IMG_0790 IMG_0792 IMG_0791

I attended the session on WordPress which again was very useful for me as you have probably noticed that I have now  moved my blog  from Blogger to WordPress.  It was good to learn about all the plugins I have on my blog and how to optimise their use.  The panel for this session comprised of 3 successful bloggers who shared their knowledge and tips.


The venue for the event was perfect.  There was plenty of cup cakes, cookies and coffee throughout the day.  The lunch was good too and it was nice to sit  in the sun with new bloggers and see all the passion they had for blogging.  There were plenty of breaks in between the sessions to enable bloggers to network and make new contacts.  On my long train ride home, I took the opportunity to use some of the new features  I had learnt about during the photography sessions and took some pictures from the train window. What do you think of the following two?  Not Bad I think considering that they were taken from behind the window of a moving train.   I had to take pictures of this farm who has installed all these solar panels and one of a ramshackle farm building.

IMG_0818 IMG_0808

As I mentioned – on the way back I picked up a store bought pizza which I tarted up with jalepenos, cheese and nachos before putting it in the oven to make an exceptional evening meal for hubby and I.

So not much of a recipe I am afraid.  Just buy any reasonably priced vegetarian pizza and top it up with any fillings of your choice.  I tried to be adventurous to create this Cheat pizza and added some jalepenos and nachos too to my filling.  Should I name this creation the blog camp pizza?


Do you any cheat recipes to share with me?

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