Bistro1847 restaurant review


Bistro 1847 is a vegetarian restaurant in Manchester and was booked by my son in celebration of his younger brother’s graduation.  The restaurant was established by Damien Davenport and named 1847 which was the year the Vegetarian Society which was formed.

Their grazing, sharing and exploring menu is a modern approach to dining – allowing one to sample a number of small mezze type dishes.  This menu of this  restaurant was completely out of my comfort zone as everything on the menu was new to me and  I usually like to see pictures of a dish before I order.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the range of their dishes and enjoyed every one of them.  This review is my personal opinion and the restaurant didn’t ask me to do a review.  I felt that there are so few vegetarian restaurants that we enjoy so it would be good to write a bit about my visit.

Here’s a sample of their summer menu:

P1180238-001 P1180237-001

Here is a sample of dishes we tried and enjoyed starting with fresh fruit drinks.  I have tried my best to remember the correct names of the dishes!

Spelt naan, shallot bhaji, labneh, mango, pickled pear:


Crispy potato & ‘Parmesan’ dumpling, lovage & asparagus veloute, toffee
apple, mead reduction, celery & Mancunian herb garden


Beer-battered halloumi, oyster leaf, mushy pea emulsion, smoked lemon curd,
gin pickled shallots:P1180244-001

Pickled candy beet, yoghurt, saltbaked beetroot, rosehip,beet falafels:

P1180247-001Spelt & rye,baba ghanoush,pomegranate molasses,nasturtium:

P1180248-001Molasses roast pineapple, crèmefraiche & salted peanut crumb:  

P1180249-001Baked yoghurt, smoked whisky fudge, shortbread, poached pear, mead (I think?):

Spiced welsh cakes, smoked clotted cream, raspberry, sea rosemary:

P1180251-001This was some carrot dish which was the special of the day:


All the dishes were presented beautifully.  We enjoyed a leisurely meal in lovely surroundings and would recommend this to all vegetarians.   

There was no parking near the restaurant but there are lots of public car parks within walking distance of the restaurant.  The restaurant has wheelchair access too.