Dips Sauces Review


I was sent a lemon chutney, BBQ sauce and some garlic and ginger paste to try out by Dips’.  I have always been a fan of lemon pickle so was keen to try their lemon chutney.


I tried the lemon chutney with some puris and kachoris.  The chutney was tangy but also sweet.  The consistency was perfect for eating as a dip with any Indian dish. The chutney would make a great sandwich topping too with cheese.  They have used jaggery instead of sugar which gives the chutney  a very authentic taste.

P1200264The garlic and chili paste came in three ranges – mild, medium and hot.  We tried the mild one first and really loved it. It reminded me of the garlic chutney (Lasan ni chutney) my mum used to make.


I added a teaspoon of the dip in natural home made yogurt and served it as a dip and the family loved it.  It had a lovely garlic flavour and mild enough for the children to enjoy. This paste can also be added to curries instead of adding garlic and chili powder.  Just mix it well in half a cup of water before adding to your curry.

P1200292We haven’t tried the BBQ sauce but am looking forward to marinating some vegetables in the sauce to barbeque when the weather is hot.

The have an online store so do checkout their website to find out how to order these sauces and chutneys.P1200313

Do you have any favourite sauces or dips you enjoy?