Tandoori Roti Rolls Review


Last week I spotted several vegetarian Indian style of goodies in our Local Supermarket.  Such products are quite common is areas such as London and Leicester but quite rare where I live so I got excited and bought some of these packs one of which was called the Tandoori Roti Rolls which came with two chutneys – the coriander and mint chutney and the dates and tamarind chutney.

All the ingredients and spices  were familiar to us and I cooked them for a snack following the instructions.

P1200868P1200858I defrosted the chutneys too  as per the instructions on the packet.


I served the roti rolls hot with the two chutneys.  The rolls were perfectly crispy and tasted great when dipped in the two chutneys.   The vegetables in the filling looked great too- not mushy – but tasted very mild to me as I am used to a lot of spices especially.   The coriander chutney was tasty with a lovely fragrance of mint but quite mild.  The tamarind and dates chutney tasted fine but reminded me of runny jam as it was sticky and sweet.
P1200874The taste of the tandoori roti was acceptable and  handy to keep in freezer for when you want a quick snack. I will serve it with my home made chutneys so that it’s mild taste blends well with my fiery chutneys.

Here are my recipes for the two chutneys and vegetable pasties:

1.  Coriander chutney

2. Date and tamarind chutney

3. Vegetable pasties

Please note that the review of these roti rolls  was done by me purely for information and any views about it are my own and I did not get paid for it by any supermarket.