My Dream Kitchen Of The Future

I have been looking at so many kitchen designs in Stores and online to find a kitchen that would look futuristic and at the same time make me feel happy and excited to go in and cook. Legal & General have have done some interesting research about the kitchen of the future.
I have a wish list of what I would like in my kitchen and to make it easy for me to remember, I have used some examples YouTube videos to show you the kind of a kitchen I would like. None of the Appliance manufacturers have sponsored me and the views about them are my own.

I want my kitchen to  look big and open and without a lot of clutter.  That means that I would need plenty of storage cupboards.  As one gets older, it’s good to look for kitchen designs that will make your life easier.  For my new kitchen, I would like to have rotating  drawers similar to these:

I would use the rotating selves on my wall cupboards and the following pull out shelves for my floor cabinets:

Using rotating and pull out shelves means that it is so easy to reach what you require and also to keep everything clean and stocked up.

Now that I have chosen the the type of cupboards, I need to make sure that I have a large Central island with an integrated hob with both electric and  gas cooking hobs. For my oven, I would like an electric fan oven at my eye level.  Both the hob and oven have to be smart and electronic so that I can set the timers using an app on my phone.  A review done about them in this article states: “There are single and double oven options available and all you have to do to call yourself a chef is pop the food into the oven, close the door and select the recipe from the display menu. Alternatively, you can download recipes on online.” Now doesn’t that sound wonderful?  I could ask it to follow all my recipes and so that my family can enjoy ready meals!!

Now that I have the cooking appliances sorted, I need to buy the perfectly smart fridge.  I do not want an integrated fridge as I want my fridge to be a show stopper in my kitchen. LG smart have just made the perfect fridge. Apart from being a massive fridge freezer, it has a touch screen which is linked to a grocery App on your phone. It allows you to keep track of what’s in your fridge, when you go shopping.  It also has access to recipes and when you choose a recipe the ingredient list goes to your phone to enable you to pick up the items when you go shopping in the store or online.

For my dishwaher, I would like to have a dishwasher that is easy to stack and I found a perfect one.  I like this one as it’s prongs are flexible and enable you to make space for the odd shaped washing items.

I know that a lot of people would insist on filling their kitchen on gadgets like a microwave or a coffee machine in the kitchen. For me I would love to have my kitchen set up like a film studio with cameras above my work space and facing me.  As I am a foodie, one of my future plans is to make videos of the food and whilst I am dreaming of a new  kitchen, I might as well make sure I get smart videoing equipment me.   As I am not an expert in this area, I will have to research on this and find the perfect easy to use filming equipment.  Let me know if you are aware of such equipment.

I haven’t chosen a colour scheme as yet so I am hoping that you will share your ideas with me. What does your dream kitchen look like?  Do you have any gadgets you can’t live without?

  • Mina, the colour I would choose would be sunshine yellow and white. Other than that I have been dreaming right along with you – what wonderful taste you have. If I win one of the big lotteries (little chance since I don’t buy the tickets but maybe someone will give a winning one) I will send you the money for your dream kitchen and we could compare final results. Oh, it’s so fun to dream.

  • Mina- I like your selections. I thought I had my dream kitchen until my daughter just did hers and mine seems out of date. I did it 15 years ago. There is always something new to make life easier. Now having the pocketbook to go with it is another thing

  • Thanks for this amazing post, Mina. I had no idea that kitchen gadgetry had advanced to quickly in the 8 years since we had ours done. The AutoPantry is absolutely amazing, and a grocery app that tells you what’s in your fridge! I would love to have that. I love our kitchen and feel we did it 100% right in our design, except I would not buy a side-by-side fridge/freezer again. There never seems to be enough space in it.

  • Susan P. Cooper

    Hi Mina, oh u have some great things on your dream kitchen list. I love the idea of s refrigerator that is linked to your smartphone and let’s you know when you are out of something. That would be delightful. No more beginning to cook something only to find out someone used the last of an ingredient you needed. 🙂

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