Thaikhun Restaurant Review Cambridge Branch


When Thaikhun invited me to come and try out their kids menu, I cheekily asked if I could do that with my adult son!!  Hence last week, my son and I had dinner at Thaikhun  (pronounced Tycoon).  Thaikhun is a Thai  Restaurant right by the Cambridge Quayside.  According to their website, the Thai word ‘Khun’, means ‘your’, implying that  when you dine in their restaurant, you feel as welcome as you would if you were visiting their home in Thailand.  The restaurant is based on the concept of the street food  in Thailand and their aim is to bring authentic Thai street food to the the UK!

The restaurant is situated just past the beautiful Cambridge riverbank.  As you approach Thaikhun,  you start to feel excited as you see a yellow rickshaw (called tuk tuk in Thailand) parked just outside the restaurant .  The inside is decorated with authentic Thai decorations which make you feel that you are in Thailand.   Thaikhun2

The bar really caught our attention as it looked as though it was a shipping tanker. Later on as we chatted to our friendly waiter he told us that all the artifacts including the wooden panels had been shipped over from Thailand and each Thaikhun has a different theme and the shipping tankard was Cambridge’s.IMG_8136

When we arrived we were  given a choice of where to sit.   We chose to sit outside as it was a sunny evening.  We were given a drinks menu but chose to have cool smoothies as both of us were driving.  My son had the Go Berry smoothie and I had the Big 5 smoothie.  Both were refreshing, cold and very tasty. IMG_8126

For the starters we had the sweet corn cakes and spring rolls.  Both came with dips and the waiter gave us a plate of various other dips to try.   We couldn’t try a couple as they had fish sauce in them and both my son and I are vegetarians.  The dips we tried were all good.  we both liked the hot and spicy dip best. IMG_8128IMG_8141

Both the spring rolls and corn cakes were absolutely delicious.  The spring rolls tasted home made with lovely filling of bean sprouts and carrots.  The corn cakes were served on tissue paper which looked like newspaper which made you feel that you were eating on the streets of Thailand.  They tasted like sweet corn pakoras and we finished the two dishes in no time. IMG_8143 IMG_8144 IMG_8146

For the main course we chose the vegetarian options of the Thai Green curry and the Masseman curry made with tofu.  Both curries were served with rice. menu-001


IMG_8155IMG_8160Both the dishes were served hot  and as we ate you could taste that it was freshly made with authentic Thai ingredients.  The portions were generous and we could hardly finish them.

For the sweet, we had half portions of the Thai whisky and the chocolate Chili ice cream.   The  ice cream was served on an orange slice topped with cream and chocolate. dessertIMG_8167

The ice cream was yummy and both of us were stuffed after this delicious meal. IMG_8171

The location of the restaurant, the food and service service made this an evening to remember.  We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and perfect  service and we were able to relax and catch up.  The staff were friendly and happy to give us space.  When we arrived at the restaurant, it was quiet so we were able to look around and take some pictures but it  soon got busy.  Years ago, I was told by a friend that when you see Thai people eating in a Thai restaurant, the food will be authentic and  I saw several Thai customers eating at Thaikhun.

For vegetarians – There are lots of vegetarian dishes on the menu and the staff are very friendly and able to suggest which dishes on the menu can be made into vegetarian options.

Cleanliness of bathrooms: When I eat out, I worry about the quality of the toilets.  I can assure you that Thaikhun in Cambridge have separate male and female toilets and they were very clean.

Thaikhun also run a cookery school once a month and I am hoping to attend one to learn how an authentic Thai curry is made.

We were invited to review the restaurant  so our meal was complimentary. All the views are of my experience at the restaurant.  I would like to say Kop Khun Kha (Thank You) ขอขอบคุณ to Thaikhun and all their staff  for their hospitality and  excellent service.

If you wish to dine at Thaikhun this is their address:

Thaikhun Cambridge 3-5 Quayside, Cambridge, CB5 8AB
Tel: 01223 941510
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 12:00pm – 10:30pm