Readly -Online magazine subscription review

How often have you been on a long journey and wished you had picked up some magazines? Or when waiting for an appointment with the doctor, dentist etc.  wished for a magazine to pass the time? In my case apart from these times, I am often wishing for magazines with good vegetarian recipes. In all situations, whenever I have bought magazines, the costs soon add up and  I finish reading them within a day.

For the last week, I have been trying out Readly  where you are able to read hundreds of magazines an online for a monthly subscription of £ 7.99 per month.  For  my iPhone and iPad, I was able to download a free Readly App which meant that I could read the magazines wherever I wanted.  The App works great for reading magazines where wi-fi is available.  If you are travelling where there will be no wi-fi  you can download some of the magazines ready to read.  The subscription allows  you to read the magazines on different devises and you can  browse through the gold mine of magazines.   If you do subscribe and find that you are not reading so many magazines, you can cancel your subscription at anytime you want without any penalties.   Readly allows you to set up 5 profiles which means that your family members too can read the magazines of their choice. When browsing you can  access the magazines in several ways – by keeping the new arrivals first, in alphabetical order or by category. You can also choose to read magazines from specific countries.

The titles of the magazines are arranged similar to the titles of  books on a kindle. The selection of magazines is amazing. You can read women’s magazines, men’s magazines, food magazines, cycling, photography, horses , Beano (oh yes the comics) etc. For me it was like being in a magazine store and going through the magazines.
I used the search option to look for recipes and was pleased to see some good suggestions.  Apart from the recipes, I loved the colour pictures which gave me ideas for taking good photos for my food blog.  Some magazines also have back issues which is interesting especially if you are reading a serialised story on one of the Women’s magazines.

If you are into any hobbies – there are tons of hobby and craft magazines. Again I searched for knitting patterns and loved looking through all the patterns in several magazines.

Best of all – I loved the selection of travel magazines and magazines on India.  So far within a week, I must have browsed through at least 10-12 magazines so I feel that £ 7.99 a month is a modest fee to subscribe to Readly.

Readly has several Indian magazines like Stardust etc. where you can read all the gossip about the Bollywood stars and see what they are wearing.

Readers of this blog can try Readly free for one month here.

Disclaimer: I received a subscription to Readly in exchange for my honest comments. All the pictures used in this article are screen shots, from the magazines online, using my iPad.