Review – The Honestly Good Smoothie Company

I don’t usually promote stories sent to me by PR companies but the following story sent to me by a PR company sparked my interested and I was interested in trying out the smoothies from The Honestly Good Smoothie Company:

Mother and son duo, Vikesh and Neeta Kotecha, have taken the health food arena by storm with the launch of The Honestly Good Smoothie Company. The pair transformed their Bedfordshire home into a fruity haven creating and delivering organic ready-to-blend smoothies to customers around the UK.

The company was founded after Vikesh Kotecha was diagnosed with a digestion condition in 2015 and advised to consume more fruit and vegetables. Falling in love with the energy smoothies brought him, Vikesh soon tired of chopping and preparing ingredients each morning. Mother Neeta stepped in with daily creations for her son and Vikesh realised how accustomed to the luxury he had become and left his job to start The Honestly Good Smoothie Company so others could experience this too.

Once an order is placed online, customers are treated to a wool lined temperature controlled box to keep their smoothie pouches fresh. The packaging is recyclable or compostable and free package returns are encouraged to customers. Chef Blake Bowden and nutritionist Caroline Farrell are continually developing new and exciting recipes to ensure customers receive the best of the four seasons.

Founder, Vikesh Kotecha, stated, “I wanted to do something simple that wasn’t being offered. Honestly good smoothies delivered to your door, vegetable based with no cheap fillers, and no nasty surprises.” Vikesh continues, “We have really exciting plans for the future with a new protein smoothie range launching for the New Year, tasting events across London and charitable donations from each customer purchase.”

Vikesh Kotecha kindly got in touch and sent me some samples. The samples come packed as described above.

This allows you to freeze the smoothie mixture or make it on the day. The instructions for blending the smoothie are included in the pack. 

All the three smoothie mixes sent to me were fresh and tasted great.  I had them after going to the gym and it took away the hassle of preparing all the fruit and vegetable mixes needed for a smoothie.  It also gave me the opportunity of trying out some exciting smoothie combinations.

For their story, recipes and information on how to order the smoothies please check out  their website.

Note: I was sent some samples to try out the smoothie but the review is honest and unbiased.