Bacofoil Product Reviews

 I have often used Bacofoils aluminium foil and cling film for cooking and storing food as they are available at all the supermarkets here in UK.

Over the years Bacofoil have produced several other products every chef needs and I was sent a small sample to try out.  One of them is the Non-Stick Kitchen Foil which comes in 5 and 10 metre size.  I like using it as it is perfect  to use for  grilling, baking  and roasting and it  doesn’t need to be greased which means that it’s also a healthy option.  Last week, I used the non stick foil to line my baking tray when making roast potatoes and  I was pleased to see that they cooked fine even though I had used only a spray of oil.   Cooking them using less oil  is healthier and the potatoes did not stick to the foil.  And the extra bonus is that  I was able to  just bin the foil  after I had cooked the potatoes as it is  fully recyclable and one less dish to wash.

The next products were the Bacofoil  all Purpose Zipper Bags which come in small and medium sizes.  These bags come with a tight seal zipper to lock in freshness.  The bags  can be used to store food in the  Fridge, freezer and will keep  your packed lunch fresh.  I also use them for  marinating food for barbecues, storing cooked rice,  salads, nuts etc.  My kids use them to store all sorts of stationary , games, leads etc. as they are strong and useful for keeping things together and safe.  My husband uses the small bags to take his protein shake powders to the gym. I like to use them to store my cosmetics,  medicines and charging leads when travelling.  The see through bags are handy as you find  what you are looking for quickly.    I  tend to wash and  reuse the bags several times so there is always a supply available to use.

Have you tried any of Bacofoils products?  Which ones are your favourite?

Disclaimer: I was provided with the free products in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this Post are mine and not influenced by anyone.