Ideas for making our Fireplace Stand out

Today, I don’t have a recipe for you but will soon be sharing recipes of stuff you can cook in your fireplace.

I love seeing a  fire in the fireplace in the winter always makes me feel happy when I enter the room. A fireplace in the living room can transform your room and make your home welcoming and pleasing. My husband and I love going to pubs and restaurants which have real fire places. We also like staying in hotels which have rooms with fireplaces especially if they look antique. For us, the fireplace is the attraction.

Recently, we were looking to modifying our current fireplace but could not decide whether to change the entire fireplace or just to make changes to the fireplace mantel. After doing some research we made this list of practical solutions:

1. Change the Colour
We have a brick fireplace and the bricks are looking dull, so these could be painted to bring out the beauty of bricks. Our Children’s suggestion was to plaster over the brick to make it look modern so we now have to decide which would be the best option.

2. Artificial Landscaping Add-ons
We love having plants near their fireplace but often the heat isn’t good for them and they end up dying. We saw some lovely fire retardant artificial foliage which could make our fireplace and home look inviting. The advantage of these plants is that they will always look great.

3. Decorate with accessories
In order to make our home fireplace stand out, we can also buy accessories such as log baskets, unusual coal buckets or antique looking fireside sets. I love the brass look ones as they can be polished to make the fireplace attractive. An antique fire guard with unusual paintings or embroidery is something I would also like to get.

4. Conclusion
We have decided that we don’t need a complete makeover of our fireplace as we can just make a few changes to our home and fireplace to give our home a warm feel.

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine.