AnySharp Smart Sizzors Review

I have several scissors but can never find one when I need one or if I do find it – it’s blunt.  So I was really pleased to receive and review the  AnySharp Smart Sizzors  which are multi-functional and and can be used in the home, kitchen, office, garden or workshop – in lots of different ways.  At the moment I have been using them in the garden for pruning and cutting tomatoes and aubergines.

The blades of these scissors are not like normal household scissor blades.   They are manufactured from special steel that has been hardened using a series of heating processes. The hardening process not only keep the scissors sharper, but also makes them last much longer.     Whether it’s tough blister packs, old credit cards, twigs or cloth,  these scissors  can be used on them. The serrations on the blades help prevent sticking when dealing with tough objects and allow the scissors to glide through.It’s curved blades allow your hands to stay away from the material and any freshly cut edges, preventing contamination and injury. The curve on the blades improves the angle of your hand, and makes the scissors comfortable to use for longer periods.

It’s handle is fitted with a soft grip which makes them comfortable to use.  The large handles are great for all sizes of hands and  whether you are left or right handed. The scissors also come with a  bottle opener, garlic and nut press attachments.  The scissors are also dishwasher safe.

In my opinion, they are a great addition to the kitchen -plus they come with a No-Quibble performance guarantee for the operational lifetime of the product. The Smart Sizzors by Anysharp are available from Amazon for £9.99.

Disclosure:I was provided with the free products in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this Post are mine and not  influenced by anyone.

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