Milk and Cream Penda (Indian fudge)

I love mawa penda a lot because they taste like a milky fudge.   Mawa is also called khoya  and is made from milk.  Milk is boiled continuously and stirred regularly to form a thick paste – which looks almost like cheese. I didn’t have any mawa so had to create a similar taste.  I  mixed double cream, jersey milk and milk powder and cooked it until I got the right consistency to get a quick mawa.



  1.  Sieve the milk powder and add the saffron and nutmeg to the milk.
    2.Add the double cream and jersey milk to the milk powder.  Mix and start heating this mixture on medium heat and keep stirring it.  It will be runny first but will start to thicken and go a beige colour.

3.  Once it goes beige and quite thick add the sugar and keep heating and stirring it. 4.  Once the mixture gets thick and starts to coat the spoon thickly,take it off the heat and allow to cool completely.  It can take several hours. 

5. Once cool, make the pendas using a mould or just make small round balls and press them down using the back of a bowl.  Garnish them with sugar pearls or stars.  These pendas taste very similar to mawa penda or creamy fudge. 

Do you like mawa pendas?

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