Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller Review

Did you know that Londoners gets through 175 bottles of water each year –and many of these bottles end up in the River Thames, and from there ends up in the sea causing harm to marine creatures and poisoning our food chain.  #OneLess, the Mayor of London and MIW Water Cooler Experts have started a ‘drinking fountain fund’ for London, and are installing an initial network of at least 20 drinking fountains across the capital, making it really easy for Londoners to refill on their water bottles.  Details of where the drinking fountains are available are here.   So next time you are in London look out for these  new public fountains  and fill up your water bottles  and  keep hydrated on the go without having to purchase disposable plastic water bottles.

Photo from their website

Talking about water, I got sent the Megahome Deluxe Water Distiller to review and now,   I keep hydrated by carrying  my own drinking water with me!!  This Distiller produces 4  litres of absolutely pure water in five to six hours. All you do is fill it up, switch it on and let it run. It drips the water into a glass jug which is designed to fit easily into a fridge and also fits inside the water distiller for easy transportation. The water is first gently boiled. This kills off viruses and bacteria and leaves most of the pollutants behind. The steam is then captured in a stainless steel coil where it cools to form pure water. This water then passes through an activated charcoal filter to finally remove any trace impurities.

The product comes with the water distiller,  power cord , one  glass jug which holds 4 litres, a bottle of residue cleaner  and some active carbon filters.  It also comes with 2 instruction manuals which are useful for assembling the jug and the distiller. They were easy to assemble and set up.

Once set up, rinse the distiller and glass jug and fill up the distiller as instructed. Switch it on and within 5-6 hours you get freshly distilled water which we transferred to a bottle and kept in the fridge to use as drinking water. We are also using the distilled water for cooking and boiling the kettle.

After a weeks distillation, we cleaned the distiller with the residue cleaner and  that was easy too.  The residue cleaner is citric acid so it’s safe to use.  Once the distiller is clean, we  just rinse it out  and use.

The distilled water looks crystal clear and tastes so good. It is a good alternative to bottled water and I would certainly recommend this distiller.   We have been using it in our kettle and it’s lovely to see that the kettle looks clean even after boiling water in it for a week. On a negative side, it is a fairly big unit and takes up quite a bit of space in the kitchen.   For me it’s worth loosing the space in exchange of pure water.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the free products in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this Post are mine and not  influenced by anyone.