Easy Ways To Store Your Recipes Safely

Most of us collect recipes in one form or another.  As some of you know some of my recipes are quite traditional and handed down from my father and father in law and I have shared them so that people can store these recipes and enjoy making traditional food when they feel like it.

Getting creative in the kitchen is important in anyone’s life because it helps create a more positive relationship with food. When you’re experimenting with different flavors and foods, you’ll have more of a balanced diet, that isn’t merely made up of processed foods or frozen vegetables. So when you have these recipes, you want to store them away properly to save for the future. Here are some easy ways to store recipes safely.

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Google Drive

Google Drive acts like an external hard drive, but it’s one that’s located online, rather than being physically in front of you. The best thing about the Google Drive is that it can link up to all your other electronic devices, not just your laptop or desktop computer. That means you can have your recipes to hand at a touch of a button on your phone or iPad too. This can come in handy if you’re away from your home and need to show someone a recent recipe that you found. Create a folder on the Google Drive and simply copy and paste any URLs that you’ve found online or save recipes in a PDF or Word Document and upload them via the drive that way.

On Your Laptop

Your laptop is another space that’s worth storing your recipes on. If you need some guidance on creating and opening files, then https://setapp.com/how-to/open-rar-files-on-mac is a good place to start. With your laptop, you can position this in the kitchen as you cook, and because your laptop screen lights up, you’ll have no problem with seeing the recipe nice and clearly, no matter what time of day it is. With your laptop, there’s really nothing that you can’t transfer over, and so a laptop is a great way of saving video recipes that you can replay and follow along with as you go.


Pinterest is a fantastic platform that a lot of influencers and business owners use to promote their work and services online. If you think of it as a big search engine, it can be a great way for you to save your recipes in the form of pins. The pin is a picture you create and which opens up your recipe inside. Whether that’s a link or you format the pin to display the recipe once clicked on, it’s a fantastic visual resource for your recipes.

A Folder

And failing all of that, if you prefer the traditional way of saving files, you can always save your recipes in a physical folder. This is useful to have anyway if technology ends up failing you on a day when you need access to your recipes. With a physical folder, you can rip out recipes from magazines and store them in without fuss. A gusset folder is probably the best option, with tabs along the top to group the recipes by food group or occasion.

Storing your recipes is important to carry on to your children and grandchildren to come, so use the method that suits you the most.

How do your store your recipes?