Backdrops and The Instagram Foodie Bag Review

We are all familiar with the expression “we eat with our eyes (first).”  It’s true that we like to see what our food looks like before we eat it.  Even when feeding my babies, I remember cutting their food into shapes or even using colours etc. to make them finish their meals.  As food bloggers, we have to concentrate on our food preparation as well as presentation.  We always want to make our food look attractive.  There was a time when just serving the food on nice looking crockery and plates on a clean tablecloth was enough.  Now with social media especially Instagram, there is the added pressure on everyone and especially food bloggers, to use different props and backgrounds to make the overall photograph have the “wow factor”.  These days the backgrounds we  use for photographing our food plays a huge role in the overall look of our photos.

What is the best way of  finding the perfect food photography background, without breaking the Bank?  Look out for the Instagram Bag.

I know that a lot of my bloggers friends spend a lot of time and money collecting the backgrounds, painting wooden boards and making them unique for their photographs.  Apart from the cost of buying these backgrounds, the big question is how to store these backgrounds. That’s why I prefer these backdrops from Black Velvet Styling are easy to store.  Let me tell you about the backdrops from Black velvet styling and the The Instagram bag from Paper Bag Co.

What is the Instagram bag?

The Instagram bag is the perfect starter kit for a blogger and a new photographer.  The Instagram bag is a special canvas bag which is stylish as well as useful.  The  bag has an internal pocket, mesh divider and a zip closure.

The bag comes with  a pop up reflector and 8 handy postcards which have handy photography tips.

The bag also contains  four beautifully crafted backdrops (or backgrounds)  from Black Velvet Styling, the photographic backdrop company set up by stylist Sophie a couple of years ago to provide affordable backdrops for amateurs and professionals to create mouthwatering images of their food and still life creations. These back grounds are perfect for transforming any food into a gorgeous image fit for sharing on Instagram and it comes with a variety of starter colours and textures to experiment with.

I love this Instagram bag which is big enough to carry my camera and tripod as well the backdrops etc. The backdrops can be rolled up and carried inside a strong cylinder tube which also comes with the bag.

How to get this Instagram bag?

The bags are available to buy from here.  The Instagram bag is a perfect gift for bloggers as well as aspiring photographers.

Here are a few photo graphs I took using the different backgrounds.  I used this darker backdrop which had rust/copper shades in it for this picture where I am using white crockery for serving the hummus. 

I used the grainy looking stone effect paper for these colourful tomatoes, peppers and passion fruit.

I loved this blue and grey toned backdrop for this picture which has a few different colour and texture foods displayed.

Food styling and food photography is an art which takes a long time to master.  Some bloggers are natural at taking great photos but I know that I need to keep practicing.  Having such great backdrops certainly helps to make the photos look great.

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Disclaimer:  #gifted – I was gifted the Instagram Bag,but all the views  are my own.