The Best States in the US for Food

Now that people have started to plan holidays, I thought I would share with you my experience of the vegetarian food in some of my favourite cities the US.

What would you say the best part about exploring a new destination is? No doubt for a lot of people reading this, it will be being able to try a variety of new foods and different dishes from all around the country. The issue is when it comes to eating in the US, there are so many different states that where do you even visit? You have 50 choices, each with their own take on different dishes and specialities for you to indulge in. The perfect ones for you are going to vary on what your taste is; however, to get you started, here is a list of some of the best states in the US to go to for vegetarian and possibly vegan food.

Las Vegas

No, you’re not seeing things, the gambling capital of the world is the first on this list. You might want to trade the casinos for US online casinos and give yourself time to try some of the delicious restaurants that Vegas has to offer. There is a huge variety of different places, all of which have their own unique atmosphere and menu.

Vegas is renowned for its casinos but realistically, it has so much more to offer than that. If you give yourself some time and really explore the city, you will enjoy eating at these vegetarian and vegan places in Las Vegas.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a city renowned for its innovation, so it won’t surprise you to learn that that extends to the food. Heading to the home of the Golden Gate Bridge will also see you find a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as a bunch of farmers markets and unique hole-in-the-wall cafes for you to explore. Back when the term “vegetarian” conjured visions of tofu and bean sprouts and not much else, San Francisco restaurants were already breaking the mold, creating innovative meatless cuisine that had even diehard carnivores setting down their steak knives. Now that there’s a farmers’ market in practically every neighborhood and a wide choice of vegetarian restaurants, meat-free menu options have become as commonplace as burgers and burrata. Whether you’re a lifelong veggie devotee, or adopting a healthy diet is among your resolutions, peruse our top picks for places that dedicate most or all of their menus to plant-based cooking.


Only one word comes to mind when people consider the food in Chicago … pizza! The Deep-dish pizza in Chicago, has been made famous in the windy city.  Chicago has a wide variety of award-winning restaurants that will provide you with a load of different views of the city and Lake Michigan; however, nothing will compare to the view that’s on your plate. In fact, Chicago has some of  the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants.   Over the last 10 years or so, a new wave of veggie-forward restaurants has created a happy middle ground for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re on the hunt for a vegan milkshake, tofu wings or a salad filled with goodies from nearby farms, there’s a spot on this list for you. Take a look at the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Chicago.

Whichever city you visit in US, be sure to do your research about vegetarian and vegan eating places before you visit so that you are able to enjoy the city and not waste time looking for the right places to eat or go hungry.  USA has some good Supermarkets where you can pick up lots of fruit, salads, dips and different breads, wraps  etc. which you can use to make lovely sandwiches.  Restaurants will also customise some dishes by making them vegetarian so always ask.