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Mango and Vanilla Icecream with Almonds

For this recipe you can use Indian Kesar or Alphonso mangoes or use the cans of Mango pulp. Just making a layering of these two flavours you can create a nice dessert by adding nuts or chocolate chips.

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Servings: 4 people
Author: Mina Joshi


  • 2 ripe Kesar or Alphonso mangoes or 2 cups of mango pulp out of a can

  • 2 cups Any soft scoop Vanilla Icecream

  • 10-12  almonds

  • few chocolate chips for garnishing


  • If you using canned juice – you can use what you need and enjoy the rest on its own or by adding it to rice or with puris.  With fresh mangoes cut the sides of mango and scoop out the pulp using a spoon. We don’t use the mango skin. Any pulp left on the mango stone can be scooped out or do what most of us Indians do – eat as much of the mango you can eat and discard the stone.

  • Allow the vanilla ice cream to soften a bit. Also slice some of the almonds to add in the ice cream as well as for garnishing. Once the ice cream softens, add some nuts to it and mix.  Save some nuts for garnishing.

  • To assemble the ice cream – add some mango pulp in your glass and top it with ice cream with the almond slices.  Repeat this until your glass fills up.  Finish with mango and put this in the freezer fo 2 hours or more

  • When ready to serve, top it with vanilla ice cream, nuts and chocolate chips. If you like you can also add mango slices as a topping.

  • Enjoy this easy to make dessert anytime. You can also glorify this dessert by topping it with Gulab Jamuns.