Cookery classes with Me – Cook @home with Mina

Don’t feel sad about being stuck indoors at the moment.  Come and join our online Cookery classes.  Our classes are different.  We don’t show you videos of our cooking but actually cook along with you.  The class can be one to one, in an intimate group or with colleagues.   Each lesson is created by discussing with you and your wishes to learn a particular dish.  You can now wow their friends with your cooking or get them involved.  We love teaching when families and friends get together.

We also offer private cooking classes to celebrate any occasion in style – Just contact us to create your bespoke experience.

Enjoy the cooking from the comfort of your own kitchen. Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities.

All You Need is a computer with good internet connection.  We offer online classes using Zoom or Teams or any other online Social media you feel comfortable with.

We send you a list of ingredients together with any specific equipment you may need.  We are very good at improvising so do get in touch if you are not able to get any ingredients or equipment.

Christmas Time : Stuck for Present ideas for someone who has everything?   Why not treat them to a one to one online Indian Vegetarian Indian Cookery experience? 
Enjoy cooking in your home and tasting  the dishes you have created by cooking along with us using fresh ingredients (no ready made sauces).

For more information email:

The price given below are per person but we do not charge extra for family and friends to join you in your kitchen when we are teaching online.

  • Corporate Class rates would depend on the what you wish to learn and for how long? 
  • Premium one to one online Workshop _ Hosting an Indian dinner- £99 ( This would include learning how to make 2 curries, an Indian bread, salad, raita and rice)
  • Half day one to one online workshop from £ 49.00 (This would include learning how to make 1 curry, 1 curry, rice and raita)
  • Two hours taster classes  £25.00 (This would include learning how to make 1 curry and rice or Indian bread and raita 
  • More options also available on request.  Email us to discuss more 


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Some comments and pictures from my early December 2020 classes:

Many thanks for a great class on Friday. I really enjoyed it. I feel empowered now to try out some dishes that I would never have attempted before and my family really enjoyed eating what we made. I’ll be doing some more pakora very soon I expect!

Best wishes,


Thank you Mina, this was loads of fun. We ate well all weekend!

Best wishes,


One more comments from a happy learner on my online Classes:

Hi Mina, that was the tastiest meal I’ve made in ages. We made a bit of a deal out of the meal as I was excited to ba able to do this just before we eat with the kids around 5.30. We started with a masala peanut snack and then had your wonderful dal with South Indian stir-fried green beans and rice, kids loved it. I used a huge beef tomato and it was super sweet and tasty. Had passata as back-up but glad I didn’t use it.

You really helped me to get plenty of flavour into my dal, usually I find I make them a bit bland and better the next day but this one was perfect.

It was such a nice cookery lesson with a lovely warm welcoming feel from everyone. I love the fact you’re taking the challenge head-on, cooking a dish within 45 minutes, it was delivered very well.

I shall definitely look out for your posts from now on.

With best wishes


Some pictures from my online classes:

The following pictures were taken during my evening classes which are run at a local college where I teach you how to make all your favourite British Indian dishes. Email me at if you want information about my evening classes.