Pickled Ginger or ginger pickled in lemon, salt and turmeric


I use crushed ginger in a lot of my cooking especially when cooking lentils and pulses.   I also pickle fresh ginger and have a couple of slices with my food.  It gives the food extra flavouring and I know that it’s going to help me with my digestion.


  • Fresh Ginger enough to fill a small bottle. I used two large pieces similar to the picture below:
  • Salt: 2-3 teaspoons
  • 1 tablespoon Turmeric
  • Enough lemon juice to top the ginger – Use freshly squeezed or any ready made brand.


1. Soak the ginger in cold water for 10-15 minutes.

2. Give the ginger a good wash. It’s believed that the ginger peel also has lots of goodness so by soaking the ginger and using a sharp knife, it will be easier to scrape the outer layer rather than peeling it.

3. Wash the ginger again and slice it. I used a mandolin slicer  which is normally used for slicing potatoes for thick crisps.

4.  Transfer the sliced ginger to a bowl.

5.  Add the salt and turmeric to the ginger and mix well.

6.  Top this with the lemon juice.

7.  The pickle can be eaten within a couple of days.

  • Very new for me. Will try it out sometime 🙂

  • very very tempting and lovely ginger pickle.

  • Wow such a droolworthy pickled ginger, looks yummy and interesting..

  • Oh this is such an easy to make recipe. liked it very much.

  • wow love the colour and it looks very nice as well

  • I make this pickle too and always have jar in the fridge.Your recipe is simple and easy to use .

  • This is a new way of pickling ginger for me but it looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mina that looks wonderful !!! What a beautiful looking pickle 🙂

  • My grandmother from gujarati family. She use to make this and yes very nice with parota… yummmm

  • Minaben this is what my grandmother use to make also koria-rai green chilli. Great with parota

  • What a lovely idea! I wanted to link your blog entry to my blog post but couldn’t figure out how – so I’ve placed a hyperlink to this page. A lovely, lovely site! I will be back often and am now a subscriber.

  • Very interesting!! How long do you allow it to ferment before using it? I’m assuming you’re adding in the lemon juice after step 5?

    I’m definitely going to try this. I do an Herb of the Month on my blog and this month is ginger root ~ a long time best friend of mine, but I need to expand on how I use it for sure!! 🙂

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