Chai Masala or Tea Spice Mixture for Cup of Masala Chai


Chai is the Indian name for Tea. Chai masala is the blend of spices to add to your tea. Chai is becoming very popular in a lot of coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa coffee etc.

Several spices are blended together to get the pefect Tea masala. Some like their masala to have more pepper whereas others may prefer more cinnamon or cardomon taste.  Over the years, I have blended tea masala numerous times and now have found the perfect blend for us.  I would suggest that you use this recipe as a base and add or decrease ingredients to your preferred taste.  We tend to blend enough Chai Masala or Tea Spice Mixture for Cup of Masala Chai to last us two to three weeks.

Ingredients enough to make 1 and half cups of  chai masala:

  • Ginger powder 10 grams
  • Cinnamon 25 grams
  • Black Whole peppercorns 10 grams
  • Ground white pepper powder 10 grams
  • Cardommon 10 grams
  • Cloves 15 grams
  • Nutmeg 10 grams



1. Lightly roast the cinnamon and cloves separately on a hot griddle for 2 minutes .

2.  Grind the cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns,cardamon and nutmeg until quite fine.  I used an electric grinder.

3..  Transfer to a bowl and add the ground white pepper and ground ginger

4.  Mix well with a fork and store in an airtight container. The aroma of the Chai masala filled the kitchen and I had to have a cup of tea with the freshly ground Tea masala.

5.  You can add the masala to any blend of Tea to enjoy a nice cup of tea.  For a perfect Gujarati chai – boil all these in a saucepan:  2 mugs of water,  2 tea bags, 1 level teaspoon of the chai masala, 1 mug of semi skimmed milk and sugar to taste.  Once boiled, allow it to boil for 3-4 minutes more then sieve the tea and enjoy it.

  • lovely pictures

  • I can almost smell the aroma of this masala coming from your comp.
    I am a big fan of masala tea, infact my day doesn’t begin till I have a cuppa.Your masala sounds similar to mine although I dont add nutmeg.
    So when shall I come and share a cuppa with you??:)

  • Masala chai really very aromatic and delicious,wish u the same for u also…

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm,aromatic chai. Love it.A cup of masala chai transorms even a dull day to full of life.

  • Agree with Naina

    My day won’t start without masala tea..Really miss masala chai on holidays ! and ya we should meet now and taste each other’s masala chai..:))I am sure you will beat me !

  • would love to hv a cup of tea with u….masala chai love it…love u patience over homemade things everytime.very unique blog and very creative of u..great mina…thanks so much always for ur inspiring words…hugs…
    thanks for ur wishes..looking forward to ur entries…do participate.
    I m starting guest post from sept which i wil feature
    different blogs …
    if u would love to add to my guest list, just mail me a post
    featuring ur blog,ur name,likes,dislikes,hobbies,abt u and a recipe to
    share with all with pics…
    and i wil post it @ my space..

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