List of Top Farari (Fasting) Recipes

On the days Hindus fast, there is a list of foods that they are “allowed” to eat. The list – often referred to as farali food – includes all the fruits and nuts, milk and milk products including yogurt. It also includes potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, tapiaco, ragigara, Morio and amaranth etc…. In fact, the sumptuous delicacies you can eat in place of everyday food makes you feel that you are having a feast because of the variety you can make.  Here are some delicious recepies for Maha Shivaratri 2022 is on 28 February 22.

Here are the most popular  recipes:

These dishes can be enjoyed even if you are not fasting.

  1. Peanut brittle made with Jaggery – Jugu Paak – An easy, tasty & energy bar which you can eat on the go as well as with meals.


2. Cashew Fudge sweet – Kaju Katli This is another sweet which you can cook easily and make it to your taste.




3.Potato Curry with nuts and cumin or Farari Bateta nu Shak – A popular savoury dish which everyone likes.



4.Farari Chevdo  – This Hign Energy Potato Crisps and Nuts Mixture which is very popular with everyone.
5. Nuts, Dates and Omega 4 Seed mix rolls These healthy rolls are both easy to cook and can be used for fasting. These are useful for slimming or for that hunger pangs.


6. Farari Fasting Kachori This delicious kachoris are filled with lots various fasting foods including coconut, nuts & potatoes.



7. Farari Puris – These are an accompaniment with any farari recipe. It is made using special farari flour.


8. Dry stir fry potatoes and nuts recipe. This is a very popular , quick and easy to make.  You can also make a similar dish using sweet potatoes. 



9. Spicy Sweet potatoes Julienne recipe. – This is a twist to the usual potatoes.



10. Sweet Potatoes rings & Nuts. Very easy to make and it is healthy.


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