Nuts, dates and Omega 4 Seed mix rolls

As a child, I never liked dates (khajoor). I remember my dad eating them dipped in ghee as it was supposed to be good for health. As I grow older, I like the taste of dates, especially Medjool dates, when they are lovely and fresh.  We got sent a large box of medjool dates by my sister in law and I decided to make them last longer by making dates rolls by adding nuts to them.  This is a great snack to have when you are fasting.




500 gms of dates
200 gms of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews and jumbo peanuts)
100 gms of Omega 4 mixture (sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds, golden linseeds and sesame seeds)
1-2 tbls coconut oil (sent to me by Suma wholefoods)


1. Remove the stones from the dates and chop them into small pieces.  Put these in a food processor and blend them into smaller chunks.



2. Transfer the nuts into the food processor and grind them coarsely.   Transfer the mixture into a microwave safe bowl and roast them for 2 minutes, stirring  every 30 seconds.


3.  Add the Omega 4 seed mixture to the nuts and stir.


4. Add the prepared dates to the nuts too.  Add a tablespoon of coconut oil, mix and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes, stirring and checking at every 30 seconds.


5.   Allow the mixture to cool until you are able to handle it by hand.


6. Grease your hands with coconut oil and divide the mixture into 3-4 rolls.  Wrap them individually in aluminium foil and keep these in the fridge for at least an hour.



7.  Once cool, remove the foil and cut the rolls into bite size chunks.


8.  Store these in as air tight container and enjoy a couple of slices every day as a sweet snack.  These should be fine for a week in the winter.  Refrigerate them in the summer.

Suma Wholefoods had sent me a sample of their Organic Coconut Oil which I am using in this recipe.

Which dates are your favourite and how do you like to eat your dates?

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