Flaunt Your Haunt –Cambridge


Whenever Cambridge is mentioned, people immediately refer to it as the place with the famous universities. Yes, that’s right. Cambridge is the home of the famous University of Cambridge which was founded in the 13th Century. Cambridge is situated on the River Cam on the East of England. The best way to get here is by train or by car. The train station is within walking distance to all the interesting universities, restaurants and shopping. If you are travelling by car, I would recommend that you park in the Park and Ride and take the bus into town. Car parks in the city  get full very quickly and can also be expensive if you are spending a whole day in Cambridge.

Before you travel to Cambridge, it’s a good idea to decide what you would like to do in Cambridge. This website will have information on whats on in Cambridge.  Cambridge is a city I fell in love with as soon as I got out of it’s train station which has changed a lot since my first visit.  There is always something new and unusual going on in Cambridge. If you have only a day to spend in Cambridge, and the weather is lovely, I am happy to suggest to you a few of my  favourite places you have to see and experience.  First one would be to head towards the River and go punting and take the opportunity to view the historical buildings and bridges.  You can either punt by your self or take a chauffeured one. The river is calm and you can let your imagination loose as you look at all the historical building and bridges you pass. The chauffeured one is interesting as the chauffeur points out the buildings and gives you a bit of history about them. All the information about the punting is on this website.

The second recommendation of mine is to take the Official guided walking tour of Cambridge and the universities.  Walk along the cobbled streets past loads of bicycles, food stalls and picturesque buildings towards the Universities and chapels and take the opportunity to learn about the history of Cambridge and also go inside these magnificent buildings.  IMG_4981 IMG_4986 IMG_4987

Once you have done the punting and walking tour, you can relax and enjoy a meal in any of the quaint restaurants or pubs in the city.  There are modern restaurants side by side pubs and fast food restaurants to choose from.  You can eat around the market square or along the river.  The smile and service of the friendly staff will make you want to linger over your meal.There are several vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Cambridge.



For people interested in sciences they have to go for  a drink at a pub called The Eagle. This is the pub where on 28 February 1953, Cambridge scientists James Watson and Francis Crick first announced they had ‘discovered the secret of life’ – DNA to them, Deoxyribonucleic acid to the rest of us. This just shows that discoveries don’t have to take place just in laboratories.

And after you have eaten and relaxed go for some retail therapy.  You can head out either to the Shopping Malls – Grand Arcade and the Grafton Centre.  I love walking along the quaint little cobbled streets around the town centre and like popping into little boutiques selling unusual collectibles.   I am sure here you will find unusual and pretty gifts  to take back as souvenirs of your trip to my favourite city – Cambridge.

IMG_4985 IMG_4990 P1080351If you are staying longer in Cambridge and looking for somewhere to stay, Travelodge  has several hotels around Cambridge some of which are within walking distance of the City Centre.

Whether you come to Cambridge for a day or longer you will always find something interesting to enjoy.


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