The Instagram Foodie bag Review

I realise that I have been out of circulation for a while  – well since taking on the role of a carer for my husband and his passing.  He was the foodie of the family and a lot of recipes in my blog were inspired by him.  Cooking for one isn’t fun but thankfully, I have a very supportive family who have been visiting me regularly encouraging me to cook so do look out for my future posts.

As I look back through my blog, I am loving all the recipes but realise that some of my photographs could be improved.  So  when I got sent this Foodie bag from the Paperbag company to review, I got excited.  I take so many photos and realise that often the backdrop isn’t right or the lighting isn’t right.  This Foodie bag also refereed to as the  ‘Instagram Bag’ is a  stylish 12oz black canvas bag with internal pocket, mesh divider and zip closure.  It comes with a 5 in 1 pop up reflector, 8 postcard set with handy tips and  4 photographic backdrops.  All this is perfect for taking the most beautiful Foodie pictures.

What comes in the Foodie bag?
  • 5 in 1 pop up reflector:

The 15-inch photographic reflector and diffuser is similar to what all professional photographers carry in their kit bag. This helps to brighten and enhance the lighting and colour of  all of the images a foodie needs to take.

  • Photographic backdrops:

The bag comes with a set of four beautifully crafted papers from Black Velvet Styling, the photographic backdrop company set up by stylist Sophie a couple of years ago to provide affordable backdrops for amateurs and professionals to create mouthwatering images of their food and still life creations. They are perfect for transforming a plate of food into a gorgeous image fit for sharing on Instagram.

  • Postcards with handy tips

The bag comes with 10 postcards which have tips on the reverse of each explaining how to use light, think about composition, choose your background and much, much more  The postcards are created by the renowned phone photographer Matt Inwood who shares his knowledge on how to get the most from using your phone camera to take food photos.

  • The Foodie bag:

All of these goodies can be kept in this limited-edition bespoke double-sided tote bag, which has internal zip pocket.  This bag is big perfect for any photographer and works perfectly for a food blogger like me. Now is the time for me to take my photographs to the next level.

  • More uses for  this Foodie bag:

This bag is perfect for food bloggers like me as it’s easy to carry around and use anywhere.
The bag is also perfect for anyone who loves sharing their photos on Instagram or Facebook.
The bag is also great for people wishing to sell items on ebay and other selling sites.  Clear photographs with good backdrops make these items attractive and interesting.

Paper Bag Co also offers other products that can benefit you or your business. Their printed tissue paper is sustainable, eco friendly and branded which is a great way to personalise and add value to your packaging and branding.

Watch out for my recipes with great photos in the coming months.

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