Farsi puris (crispy puris)

Another version of puris/pooris

Farsi Puri  is a type of an Indian bread from the puri family and they taste like salted biscuits. Its very easy to make the puris and can be cooked and saved to be eaten up to 2 weeks.  These puris are usually made during holidays or when you are expecting lots of guests.  They make a great snack but can also be eaten with your curry and rice whilst you are on holiday and do not wish to make chappatis.   I tend to make them on my first day of holiday and then eat them as I need them during the holidays.  These puris are great to take on picnics too.   Iwas missing them when my dinner on my steam train ride wasn’t exciting. I was wishing that I could have packed some of these to have on the journey.



The puris taste lovely with a cup of tea, can be used when making bhel puris or offered as a snack just like you would offer cheese biscuits.    As long as the puris are packed in an airtight container, they will taste nice for over two weeks.

Ingredients to make 25 puris depending on the size:

  • 200 gms Plain white flour
  • 70 gram salted butter (Vegans can use any substitute like butter)
  • 1 teaspoons salt
  • ½ teaspoon cumin seeds
  • ½ teaspoons coarsely ground black pepper
  • 1 litre sunflower oil or any cooking oil is fine
  • 1 cup warm water


1.    Sieve the flour.

2.    Warm the butter for a couple of minutes -until it looks runny -almost like oil.

3.    Make a dip in the flour and pour in the butter.

4.    Sprinkle on the coarse black pepper and salt.

5.    Roast the cumin slightly on a griddle.  Once you get the lovely cumin aroma, transfer the cumin on to a work top.  Using a rolling pin, roll over the cumin.  This will release the lovely cummin flavours and your puris will have the lovely flavour when you add this mixture to the dough. Continue rolling over the cumin until some of the cumin is crushed a bit.


6.  Add the ground cumin seeds  to the flour.

7.  Using warm water bind the dough.  Add the water with caution as you may not need the full cup.   The dough should not be too loose as this will make it very difficult to roll out the puris.

P11509948.    Now  divide the dough into approximately 25 small balls and make them into flattened balls.



9.  Roll out the Farsi puri and prick them either with a fork or a knife.  Save the puris on a plate or tray.



10.  Deep fry the puris in sunflower oil .  When you put the puris in oil, wait for them to float up and then keep turning them gently until they are a light golden colour.

11.  Remove the Farsi puri onto a kitchen paper.  Once the Farsi puris cool, they can be stored in a biscuit tin.



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