Top 15 Sweets for any occasion

I have created a list of 15 easy to make Indian sweets/desserts which can be made during any festival. These sweets can we cooked at any festival time including Diwali , Holi , Ram Navmi  and other religious festivals.. it may help some of you with my step by step recipes:

1.Mumbai Ice Halwa -This is usually eaten at Diwali in UK but in India there are specialist shops who sell them all round the year. It is a rarity in UK.
2. Kalakand barfi -This a quick and easy sweet to make.Try it & surprise your friends & Family.
3. Mohanthal a Traditional Gujarati Sweet.- This is a traditional popular sweet with Gujaratis
4. Adadiya –  Indian sweet which is also considered to be a healthy dish to have during the winter months.
5. Saffron Penda – If you need a sweet dish in a very short time then these pendas are delicious and really easy to make
6. Mixed Nuts Barfi with Dates – You can prepare this sweet in five simple steps!
7. Semolina Halwa – It’s one of those easy to make sweets that Gujarati’s are always finding excuses to make.
8. Ladoo or Churma na ladoo- A popular sweet with less sugar or jaggery.
9. Sweet Boondi – The little boondi’s look like small pearls
10. Peanut brittle made with Jaggery Jambo! Habari gani? Jugu paak anyone?
11. Caramel Pendas This penda recipe can be prepared within minutes and taste very similar to fudge
12. Quick Chocolate Barfi – The barfi  is quick and easy to make and layering it with chocolate gives it a great taste.
13. Gulab Jamun – A Rich Indian sweet Dessert is an Indian sweet traditionally made out of powdered or evaporated milk blended with plain flour, fried & soaked in sugar syrup.
14. Kaju Katli – Cashew Fudge sweet  is one of the easiest Indian sweets, with very few ingredients.
15. Magaj A Chick pea flour sweet. Magaj is one sweet where you can add sugar at the end of the cooking.



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