Alu Paratha or Indian Stuffed Potato fried bread

I love stuffed alu paratha and can have them for my main meal or breakfast. Hot or cold –  give me stuffed alu paratha any time.

Some of may already know that recently I have started to teach Beginners Indian Cookery at evening class.  I was really keen to talk to other Indian Cookery lesson teachers to try and find out how they taught in their class as most of my experience has been with one to one teaching. Teaching a group of people can be  daunting but the Group of adults who come to the class are such fun and so willing to appreciate Indian Cooking food, Indian culture and spices that I am really enjoying myself.  Last week, we followed my recipe for stuffed parathas  The first collage shows the different ways you can make the stuffed parathas.  My message to my class was that whether they made them the traditional way or the student way it didn’t matter as long as they were having fun and the parathas taste great.


Here’s my class having fun making stuffed alu paratha.  Please bear in mind that these students have never made Indian food and most of them hadn’t heard of alu paratha, I was really impressed with their creations.


Any tips on what else my class might enjoy making?  Do share!

  • Nayna Kanabar

    Aloo parathas look delicious, I am sure the class loved making them.

  • MinaJoshi5409

    Alu Paratha look like thick tortillas. Parathas are made from a slightly different kind of wheat flour and these have been stuffed with a spicy potato mixture.

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