Blackberry Jam without pectin

Homemade jam always feels special.  This summer, I have tried to make jam using whatever fruit was available in abundance.  The recipe for all the jams is very similar. However,  most recipes tend to suggest using sugar the same weight as the fruit but I have reduced  the amount of sugar used as the summer fruits are also sweet.  The jam gets eaten quite quickly as it’s always tasty.  And any left over bottles of jam get given as presents to friends and neighbours

This jam took 12 minutes to make in the microwave.

Why Blackberry jam?  Blackberries are available in abundance in the hedges around where I live.  It’s fun foraging for them and for once you know that the blackberries have grown naturally with no additives.  Blackberries are also  naturally high in pectin so making this jam is easy with just 3 simple ingredients.




  • 350 gms blackberries
  • 200 gms granulated sugar (I found the jam very sweet so would suggest reducing the sugar to 150gms for next time)
  • 2 tbls fresh lemon juice


1. Wash the blackberries and chop then into two or three small pieces.


2.  Add the sugar and cook uncovered at high in the microwave (900 watts) for 5 minutes and stir.


3. Cook again for 5 minutes. Add the lemon juice and cook for a further two minutes. Allow BlackBerry Jam to cool and transfer to a sterilised bottle.


Really simple recipe which gives such an incredible taste.

Making jam at home is easy.  You can make it in the IP, MW or the cooker top.   Do try and use less sugar if possible so that you can enjoy it a bit more than the shop bought one which will have more sugar as well as preservatives.

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