Indian Sweet Potato and Dall Glorious Soup Review

Before I tell you about this exciting soup, I must share another iconic place you must visit when you are in London is the Tate Modern.   It’s a great place to look at some art, enjoy food in the restaurants as well get some good views of London from their viewing gallery. It’s a very short walk across the Millennium bridge from St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Tate Modern is a modern art gallery based in the former Bankside Power Station and you can still see some of it’s features. Entry to the gallery is free but you may have to pay for some special exhibitions.  For me the highlight of the visit was the viewing gallery on the top flour from where you can get 360° views of London.  You can also see the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge from the viewing galley.

The Gallery also gives a great view of some privately owned multi million pound apartments. The residents of these apartment went to Court to stop people intruding on their privacy but lost the case. You can read about the case here. 

After a trip to London, I didn’t have time to cook and that’s when I appreciate the local supermarkets where we can pick up ready to warm and vegetarian food.  This soup was described as a creamy Indian spiced sweet potato and lentil daal soup, with a dash of coconut. The description was enough for me to pick up the soup for my quick lunch.  I heated it and served it up with just a sprinkling of fresh coriander. The soup is quite thick so it was very filling.

What I like about this  soup is that it is low calorie and  made fresh and from cans.  The flavour was just right for me too.  The range has various Vegetarian and vegan choices so I make sure I pick a couple up for my lunch if I am having a busy week.

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