6 Gift Ideas for a Vegetarian Friend

Some people are gifted with the talent of always buying really good presents. They always hit the nail on the head with a practical gift, one that’s kind of a joke but works perfectly, or they find something that the receiver didn’t even know they wanted, but they definitely did want. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with that talent. If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for your vegetarian friend, then here is some inspiration for you!

Spice Up Their Life 

In case you didn’t know, most vegetarians love spices and unusual spice boxes. Not just chili, but all kinds of aromatics and flavours. Treating your vegetarian friend to a fresh rack of unusual and interesting spices to experiment with from around the world is a hot gift they’ll be grateful for.  This Post has information on the selection of spices and spice boxes a vegetarian may use.



Dress to Impress

Not to be stereotypical, but a lot of vegetarians actually love salads. There are so many variations of salad that are packed full of flavour, textures and goodness. But obviously they have to have some killer, fancy salad dressings to make them perfect which, coincidentally, make a wonderful gift.  This website has condiments and sauces from around the World and any gift you choose is going to impress them. 


Say Cheese 

If they’re trying to make the switch to vegan, maybe give this one a miss, but if your vegetarian friend is a cheese fanatic, like many of them are, this will always be an absolute winner. Gather together some of their favourites, throw in some more unusual cheeses to give them a bit of variation, maybe even treat them to some caramelised onion chutney or other interesting sauces as an accompaniment, and you have the perfect gift.

Tofu Press

Have you ever been round to your vegetarian friend’s house to find them sat with a weird block of something white between two books or chopping boards that is leaking liquid everywhere? Oh, the struggles of pressing tofu! Treat them to a tofu press so they can continue life with hassle-free tofu pressing experiences and play on the best Australia online casino while they wait instead of mopping up mess.

Reuse and Refill

No doubt your vegetarian friend is also quite environmentally conscious and likes to do their bit to help reduce their impact on the environment. There are so many sustainable products out there now that would make the perfect gift. From washable food bags to refillable tubs and reusable food wraps, get them something that they’ll make good use out of and is clean for their conscience. 


This is one of those things you don’t know you need until you need it, then forget you need it. Vegetarians hate sharing a BBQ with meat eaters.  By using a BBQ mat or a BBQ Grill bag, they get the tastiest  vegetable cooked separately from meat.   Plus it stops the vegetables from falling through the gaps on the BBQ and get burnt.  Such a useful present will be truly appreciated come BBQ season.

There are some tasty and practical gift ideas for your vegetarian friend that they definitely will not be disappointed with. See, buying a gift for your vegetarian friend isn’t nearly as hard as you thought it was!  

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