6 Great Snacks Every Vegetarian Must Try

Most carnivores out there have the impression that turning vegetarian or vegan means you basically eat rabbit food. They genuinely believe that the only thing plant-based people eat is salad, salad and more salad. But they couldn’t be more wrong. There are some crazy delicious foods out there for those of you that don’t eat meat or animal-based products. You’ve just got to have a little imagination and an open mind. Here are six vegetarian snacks that are bursting with flavour and need to be available to fuel every vegetarian gamer.  These snacks are not only tasty, but they also won’t make a mess whilst playing games in  your living room.  Nothing can ruin the flow of the game like a barrage of crumbs or a splashes of ketchup.

Falafel Bites

Falafel is a fun favourite for everyone to enjoy. This chickpea-based Middle Eastern delicacy is packed full of funky flavours and makes the perfect nibbling alternative to chicken nuggets. Even non-vegetarian gamers won’t be able to get enough of these. Obviously, homemade is always better as you can get the perfect spice and seasoning blend that excites your tastebuds the most, but you can also pick falafel up in most supermarkets too.

Healthy Homemade Bars

It might not sound like energy bars would make for great game night snacks, but when you make them from scratch, this dish becomes much more appealing.  This blog has several recipes for Energy bars.  This one with chocolate is a favourite.


Crispy, crunchy and way more delicious than your typical bag of crisps – perfectly seasoned  Chakris are  not only teeming with taste, but also easy to pick at while gaming, this is one vegetarian or vegan snack that you won’t believe is actually good for you.


Sweet Potato Fries or in-fact anything fried

Sweet potato completely annihilates any other form of potato. It’s a fact. You can you can get the sweet potato fries  in in most supermarket freezer sections for when you’re in desperate need of a quick snack in between games, but you just know that it is so worth making these tasty snacks yourself to get the crisp and the crunch exactly how it should be.  

Tofu Tenders 

Oh, these are worth pausing the game for, especially if you’re with friends that are particularly fond of a KFC. These chicken-like tofu tenders, complete with buffalo sauce, BBQ, gravy or any other dipping delights, are a vegetarian snack at the elite level. Worth pausing the game for, right? You can head on over to the casinoza SA online casino while your tastebuds have a well-deserved party break.


Being vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the sweet treats either. You can easily find the tastiest sweet treats in the stores, but to get that real gooey goodness, you have to make the cookies yourself. Follow this recipe and make hot cookies, it literally couldn’t be simpler. 

Contrary to popular meat-eaters’ belief, vegetarian snacks are some of the tastiest and most satisfying, while also being (kind of) good for you.  Enjoy hosting your game night and relax as with these snack suggestions- it will be mess-free.

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