Vaghareli Khichedi (tempered spicy lentils and rice)

Khichedi is a popular comfort food for a lot of Gujaratis.  It’s light but filling too and can be eaten with a curry or yogurt.  In the village, my parents grew up – it was a poor man’s or farmer’s meal.  They would have a fairly good lunch and most evening meals would be khichedi and milk or khichedi and chass (lassi) with bajra na rotla or bhakhri – all made from freshly ground flours.  Leftover Khichedi would often be recooked with garlic chutney (lasan ni chuney)  in the morning and served as breakfast before my dad left to work.  Simple food but full of nutrition.  They didn’t eat the amount of fried food we eat these days.

My recipe for Khichedi is here.

I had some khichedi left over and I remembered how my mum used to temper this to make a new exciting dish. As it was a cold snowy day, I decided to  vagharela khichedi – just like my mum used to.   A perfect  dish to keep you warm in the cold snowy and wintery days.



1. Chop the onion, garlic and green chillies.

2.  Heat the oil and cook the onions, garlic and green chillies until they soften. Add the turmeric and salt. (If you have lasan ni chutney (homemade garlic chutney) you can add some to the mixture.

3. Add the leftover khichedi and cook until nice and piping hot.

4. Serve it hot.

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