Tips To Keep Entertained While Cooking

Once you’ve decided what to cook and have done all the preparation, during the cooking itself there are often times when you have very little to do. When the veg is soaking, pickling or cooking here are a few tips to keep you entertained at all times in the kitchen.

Listen to the music or the radio on your Smart Device

My favourite pastime when I am cooking is listening to the Chat programs on the Radio or Retro songs on my Smart device.  I find this helps me when I am preparing my vegetables and getting my chappatis rolled and cooked.

However, once my food preparation is done, these are some of my ways I pass my time whilst cooking:

Reading more recipe books or Magazines

It’s a great kitchen pastime and as long as you have a comfortable seat close enough to hear or smell what’s going on in the kitchen then this is the perfect activity to keep you entertained while cooking. Learning a few more vegan and vegetarian recipes and reading about places to visit and eat great vegan food, as you cook is one of the best ways to kill time in the kitchen and also prepare for your next culinary adventure.

Playing Games on your Phone

Forgetting about the rise of the vegan cake or muffins just for a few minutes or in fact finding a game to play for the long boil is definitely possible in some of the best Jokaroom casino. Find one that has the games you like and a few hands of blackjack or the online slots can be a perfect kitchen pastime to take your mind off the baking or cooking. Just ensure that you’ve set timers as you could get carried away with all the fun and games.

Interact on social media

Get in touch with friends and family and catch up on social media. Set up the required technology and simply chat as you cook or wait for a gap in the cooking proceedings and make use of these to call and connect with friends and family, either on social media or through virtual chats and forums. There are also some great online social cooking forums where you can share and access recipes and menus from others across the world.

A workout

Exercise or a focused workout is one of the best activities to counterbalance the great cooking that elicits the eating that follows. Keep it simple and ensure that you can stay close enough to the action in the kitchen that you don’t run the risk of burning or neglecting the food that you have on the go.

Make your grocery list

If you’re in the kitchen and working or cooking, then it’s the best time to prepare and list the missing items in the pantry and cupboards.  Make a cup of tea and enjoy it whilst making your list, either recording what you need and what’s in short supply or simply adding to the paper list that you have pasted to the fridge, as you realise which groceries are running out.  This is also the best time to plan next weeks menu and shop accordingly.

Although most vegetarian cooking can be and should be done quickly to keep the nutrients in, there are indeed many dishes that require time and patience. The low and slow pulses, beans and leaves all need you to spend long periods of time in the kitchen. The tips and ideas mentioned herein will serve to keep you entertained and engaged, and close to the kitchen as the entertainment and tech tips are all now as mobile as you can be.

How do you pass the time whilst cooking? Do share your tips.