Home Made Ghee in the Instant Pot

I don’t usually make a lot of ghee as I only use it when making Indian sweets or when holding certain religious ceremonies which require pure ghee. I  usually made a small amount using organic butter as when required.   Properly made ghee is tasty and it’s  fragrance is so good that you get tempted to use in everyday cooking.

What is ghee?


Ghee is clarified butter.  It’s made from melting butter at a low temperature and allowing the liquid fats to separate from the milk solids.  The liquid fat is strained and used as ghee.

How do we make ghee?

Please see the list of ingredients and method below:


  • 2 packets of 250 grams of organic unsalted butter

  1.  Making ghee in the Instant Pot (IP) is a lot easier as the IP keeps a steady temperatyre on the Saute mode. Switch on the Instant Pot on sauté mode and using the adjust button turn to less.  As this can’t be set to timer, use a timer to set it for 7 minutes.

2. Unwrap the butter and add it to the inner pot.  Adjust the saute mode to normal now and allow the ghee to melt, stirring if needed.   The butter will melt and some of the butter froth may float to the top.  Allow the butter to melt but not simmer for more than a minute or two.   The butter froth will start to go to the bottom.  Once this happens switch off the IP.  Don’t let the butter brown too much at the bottom as it will change the smell of your ghee. You may need to allow a couple more minutes for the butter to turn to ghee if your butter was too cold.


3.  Turn off the instant pot and allow the ghee to cool still in the IP.  Once cool, strain it using a fine sieve.  The butter solids can be used by adding them to your paratha or puri dough.


4.  Your ghee is ready to use.  Ghee when made correctly does not need to be refrigerated.

Have you ever tasted home made ghee?

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