Veganuary Journey – Vegan Pizza Review

Whilst it’s true that cooking from scratch always tastes than ready foods, sometimes it’s good to have try some ready foods to and if you like them, have them in the freezer to enable you to rustle up a meal when you are in a hurry.

This January because of Veganuary, a lot of supermarkets are selling vegan ready foods. Sainsbury’s too has a great selection and I bought the Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg! Vegan Spicy Masala Chickpea Pizza. I chose it as I liked the idea of a Pizza base with spinach, topped with red lentil dhal, spiced chickpeas, kale, red onion and chilli.

The pizza was just the right size for one person to have for a quick lunch, but I shared it my husband and served it with some oven chips. We liked the pizza as it had a crispy base with just the right spiciness in the toppings. Obviously, the taste can’t compare with homemade pizza, but it is a handy meal to have in the freezer for when you want a quick meal. I think many vegans will appreciate the unusual combination of toppings on this pizza.

Disclaimer: This post and recipe is shared as I liked the product. I was not paid or sent any free samples by the company. The views and comments are mine.