Dream Matcha Tea Review

I was sent this green tea to taste and review. Whilst in Japan, I learnt to drink Matcha tea.    Dream Matcha tea is a high quality ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder, imported directly from the Uji region of Japan which is renowned to produce the finest quality matcha green tea.  This  tea comes as an extremely fine, bright green powder which is ground through exclusive stone mills.

The best way of making this tea is to mix  half a teaspoon of the powder in half a mug of hot water.  Mix it well until it looks smooth and top it up with hot water.  This tea if mixed well has  a lovely smooth, sweet taste.  I have been drinking the tea for the last 15 days for my  mid afternoon tea and found that it has given me a lot more stamina and energy.

Matcha powder is mainly used as a tea but also has many other uses such to flavour  smoothies, food, shakes and more.

If you have never tried green tea, I would recommend that you try this brand of green tea which is a lot smoother than green tea bags.