Kachoris galore

The coronavirus outbreak is now a pandemic and we are all under lockdown to stop the spread of the virus.  Supermarkets shelves became empty as we all stockpiled food and essentials.  The two food items a lot of people will have stockpiled is lentils, frozen food and flour.  I am sure you have been making all sorts of interesting dishes  but may also be looking for a variety of dishes using lentils, frozen peas and flour.  The following selection of recipes for kachori may be useful. You can be adventurous by adding a mixture of lentils and vegetables – just make sure that the mixture is dry.

Tip: The Kachoris are filled like you fill momos.  If you find this difficult, you can just fill the by folding the circle in half and pressing down with a spoon. Each recipe with have details of how to make them.

Click on the links for the recipes.

  1.  Soya beans and lentil Kachori

2. Kachoris with sprouted mug

3. Mixed lentil kachoris

4. Baked Kachori with split mung beans and peas

5.  Khasta kachori

6. Kachoris with Lilva Tuver and Masoor Dall

So have I tempted you to have ago at making Kachoris?

Stay safe everyone.

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