Mixed Vegetable with Rice Noodles


This is the first time i made vegetables with rice noodles.  I have used other dry noodles which are a lot thicker and need to be cooked first.  I am not too keen  on their taste.  These ready made packets of  rice noodles are really soft, thin and so easy to mix into stir fried vegetables. They are going to be a regular lunch box dish for us now.  I owe this recipe idea to my Facebook friends who gave me the confidence to cook the noddles.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

    • 1 red onion chopped
    • ½ cup sweetcorn
    • ½ cup slices tomatoes
    • ½ cup sliced capsicums
    • ½ sliced green beans
    • 2 fresh green chillies sliced in small pieces
    • 1 tbls soya sauce
    • ½ cup passata
    • 1 tbl lemon juice
    • 1 tbls brown sugar
    • 3-4 cloves of garlic – minced using a garlic press
    • 1 tsp salt
    • ½ tsp pepper
    • small bunch of fresh coriander
    • 1 packet (150gms) straight to wok rice noodles
    • 1 tbls sunflower oil


1. Prepare all the vegetables and slice them lengthwise if possible.

2. Heat the oil and add the onions and stir them for a minute or two. Then add all the vegetables and stir once.

3. Add the garlic, salt and pepper.


4. Once the vegetables soften, add the lemon juice, passata, the brown sugar, soy sauce and cook until the mixtures looks lovely and thick. Add the coriander too now.


5. Finally add the rice noddles and mix them in slowly.
P11908946. Garnish and serve the noodles hot.


How do you cook your noodles?

  • linsy

    perfect to finish it up the bowl. looks yum

  • I like rice noodles, but the rice noodles I’ve bought always needed to be cooked a little before adding to a dish. Whether I can find straight-to-wok rice noodles or not, this recipe sounds wonderful.

    • MinaJoshi5409

      I only discovered the straight to wok noodles recently as they had displayed them prominently during the Chinese New Year.

  • I absolutely adore rice noodles. My husband cooks them so beautifully, I could eat them every day! I love the recipe too!

  • mygorgboys

    This looks very tasty and healthy, I love the straight to wok rice noodles – perfect for a quick nutritious tea! x

  • Jen Walshaw

    This is right up my street, infact I am having noodles for lunch today – yum

  • Erica Price

    We usually serve ours with stir fry vegetables.

  • Phoebe Thomas

    delicious, that’s just my sort of dish, and my boys love noodles too.

  • What a lovely light dish perfect

  • we as a family love noodles so would definitely give these a try

  • angela

    oh wow this looks delicious!

  • Gretta Schifano

    I like stir-fried noodles but the kids aren’t keen so I never make them. This recipe looks great though.

  • Marquita Herald

    What a lovely dish Mina. I don’t do a lot of cooking but this looks like a recipe I will definitely try. 🙂

  • Mayuri Patel

    lovely noodle preparation. Looks so delicious. I love cooking with egg or rice noodles. Don’t really like the instant ones.

  • Thou Shalt Not Covet

    This looks delicious! xx

  • Globalmouse

    I love rice noodles – we always have them with tofu and lots of veggies, beansprouts etc We’re always lazy and buy a sauce but I might have to give yours a go, it looks really straightforward.

  • Lucie1979

    Oh these look YUMMY! I am probably the only person in the house that would eat them! The joys of fussy eaters!!

  • Looks good. I don’t think I’ve ever made anything with rice noodle. Will have to try it.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    OOh this looks amazing, perfect for work too x

  • Hi Mina – this dish looks wonderful but I’m wondering – what would happen if you cut the salt in half. With all the other spicy ingredients I’ll bet you wouldn’t even notice. Looks yummy.

    • Lenie – Your article has got me thinking and I will be using less salt in my recipes.

  • love the look of this, Do you think we could swap veg easily? hubs is not keen on sweetcorn but he loves peas?

    • You can use any of your favourite vegetables, Quorn chicken style pieces, tofu etc. if you are a vegetarian. If not – you can add chicken or prawns or something similar with the vegetables.

  • This dish looks so amazing! I love noodles! I wish I was a better cook to give this a go!

  • Catarina Alexon

    Your mixed vegetables with rice noodles look delicious. So much they make me hungry.

  • Dad Creek

    That vegetable sauce looks banging! Food envy every time I come to this page. You need to cook for me! lol

  • mmm I love food like this, rice noodles are one of my favourites! x

  • Kara

    I had never thought about mixing rice and noodles – must be quite filling

    • I have only just discovered them and found them very easy to cook.

  • Safariontheblog

    Oh my God, Mina each time I come to your blog I salivate on the food you post.
    Wow that’s an interesting twist, rice andr noodles. Will have to try it one day.
    The food looks so yummy. I bet it was delicious

    • MinaJoshi5409

      Thanks you very much.

  • Nayna Kanabar

    The rice noodles you have made look really delicious. I often buy these ready cooked noodles to make stir fries.They are very versatile.

  • William Rusho

    What a nice little recipe. I think I am going to try this sometimes, I have been meaning to learn how to cook more vegetables.

  • I tend to buy noodles that you have to cook before stir frying for some reason…must be more organised. We love noodles here. 🙂

  • The food looks delicious. Of course, I have questions: ) Are rice noodles firm? I tried brown rice pasta once, and the texture was odd, not doughy but soft and mushy. Also what are capsicums and passata?

    • Pamela – The rice noodles are not firm. They are soft and very thin and blend well with the vegetables. Capsicums are bell peppers. Passata is tomato puree that has been strained of seeds and skins – originally from Italy. It’s a bit like the Hunts tomato puree you get in USA.

  • Susan P. Cooper

    Beautiful dish as always, Mina. So colorful and I’m sure just as lively on the palette. 🙂

  • Jess Howliston

    Oo I have never tried rice noodles (I was a little worried they would break up really easy when mixing lol) but your dish looks enticing and delicious, thanks for sharing!

    • I too was worried about using the rice noodles but they blended in really well.

    • I too thought the same as you but surprisingly – the noodles blend in well.

  • Tim

    Such vibrancy; they sound and look delicious. I am a big fan of this type of food so it will almost always be a great meal if placed before me.

  • Beth – http://EncoreWomen.com

    Actually, I like rice noodles. Your dish looks so good! The dish is pretty too. I love all the colors.

  • mummy madness

    oh my that looks amazing im not very good at cooking noodles we do not have them that much but we love them, maybe will do this recipe

    • I am only just beginning to enjoy cooking noodles.

  • Erica

    Mmmmmm. You got my weak spot. I absolutely love rice noodles. This looks so good. This will be a definite try in my kitchen..yum!

  • Similar to you actually but we normally have to cook our noodles first 🙁

  • Love the colours. Looks so pretty and tasty

  • I love this type of meal! I’m a big fan of rice noodles 🙂 x

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