Jacket Potatoes with Organic Beans


The Supermarket Waitrose has been  supporting the Soil Association’s ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’ campaign by celebrating everything organic.  As you know this week,  I was invited to take part in this celebration and asked  if I would swap one meal a day to organic for a week.

Waitrose have a great range of vegetarian organic products and some helpful recipes  on their website.  This is a quick and easy meal I had for my lunch for Day 4 of going organic by using the organic Heinz beans and organic potatoes.  Our office kitchen only has a microwave but we managed to make a great meal.

Ingredients for two servings:

  • 4-5 medium organic potatoes
  • 1 Organic Heinz baked beans
  • 2-3 organic peppers
  • 1 cup organic cheddar cheese
  • 1 organic onion
  • knob of organic butter
  • dash of olive oil
  • salt and pepper to taste


1.  Wash and prick the organic potatoes and microwave on high them their jackets for 8 minutes.  This should be enough t soften them.  If not, give it a couple more minutes.

2.  Open the can of Heinz Organic beans and warm them for 4 minutes in the microwave on high , stirring them once when they have cooked for 2 minutes.

P1180644 3.   Chop the onions and peppers and add a dash of olive oil to them.  Microwave them on high  for 1 minute.

4. For each serving:  Cut the potatoes in the centre in a cross and add the butter.  Sprinkle salt and peppers as required.  Add the baked beans on the potatoes.  Now add the cooked onions and peppers P1180649 5. Now sprinkle some cheese on the potatoes and garnish with peppers.  You can serve the potatoes with cooked or uncooked cheese.  I prefer melted cheese so put the bowl in the microwave for 20 seconds and serve. . P1180654


I was sent a voucher by Waitrose to purchase Organic Foods in order to undertake this challenge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do you ever cook a hot meal at the Office? Do share some of your quick and easy lunchtime recipes!!