Tortilla wraps and samosas

Wraps or samosas  which do you prefer- you make up your minds….


The Supermarket Waitrose has been  supporting the Soil Association’s ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’ campaign by celebrating everything organic.  As you know this week,  I was invited to take part in this celebration and asked  if I would swap one meal a day to organic for a week.   Waitrose have some helpful recipes  on their website and this idea came from their recipe for Beetroot and feta parcels.  I didn’t have any of the ingredients mentioned in the recipe but it gave me an inspiration to  create something similar using wraps for my Day 3 of going organic.


    • 1 pkt of any white wraps (mine had 12 wraps)
    • 3 large organic potatoes
    • 3 organic carrots
    • 1 cup of organic frozen peas
    • 1 organic onion
    • A teaspoon of blended ginger
    • 2 or 3 green chillies (can be reduced or missed out if you do not like hot food)
    • Small bunch of coriander
    • Half tea spoon salt
    • Half tea spoon chilly powder (optional)
    • 1 teaspoon sugar
    • 1 teaspoon lemon
    • Half teaspoon cumin seeds
    • 1 tablespoon sunflower oil
    • 1 cup grated organic cheese.  I used a mixture of organic cheddars some mature and some strong.
    • 2-3 tbls organic  passata
    • ½ cup midsummer organic hot salsa
    • ½ cup plain flour (to make a paste for the samosa shapes)


1. Chop the potatoes and carrots into very small cubes. Add the frozen peas to the mixture. Wash the vegetables and leave them in a colander.

2. Dice the onion finely, chop the green chillies and coriander finely but do not add them to the vegetables.

3.  Heat the sunflower oil in a saucepan, add the cumin seeds. Once they start to go golden brown, add the vegetables to the oil. Add in the ginger, salt, chilly powder and sugar. Let this mixture cook gently. Only add water if the mixture is sticking to the saucepan. The mixture needs to be as dry as possible. Once cooked, add the lemon juice, the onion, chillies and coriander and mix well. Allow this mixture to cool.  Use half the mixture to make the traditional wraps and half to make triangle shapes like samosas.


4.  To prepare the traditional wraps:

a.   Scoop some mixture into the centre of a wrap and make a parcel by folding then in from four sides and fold them in again so that the mixture remains inside the wrap.    Spray some oil on the outside and place these wraps in a greased baking tray.


b.   Sprinkle some cheese on the wraps and cover this with aluminium foil and cook them in a preheated moderate oven 170 degrees C, 325 degrees F and Gas mark 3. 

P1180594c.  Heat the pasatta and top it on the cooked wrap.  Sprinkle more cheese and serve it hot with some salsa.

5. To serve as samosas:

a.  Make a paste by adding 2-3 tablspoons of water to half a cup of plain flour.  Recipe for making samosas and details of making the wraps and shapes are here.


b.  Cut the wraps into two halves and fold them into triangle shapes. Use the paste to help stick them into the shapes:

P1180591-001 P1180593-001c.  Spray some oil onto the wraps and cook them in a  preheated moderate oven 170 degrees C, 325 degrees F and Gas mark 3 for ten minutes and they should get slightly golden and crispy.


d.  Serve them hot with salsa.


I was sent a voucher by Waitrose to purchase Organic Foods in order to undertake this challenge.   All thoughts and opinions are my own.

So what shapes would you like your wraps to look like?

  • Jay Bee

    Well, that’s my Sunday morning in the kitchen sorted ……. Thank you for posting.

  • Nayna Kanabar

    Great ideas Mina, I love the tortilla cheats samosas.

  • Shobha

    Gr8 idea of using the tortillas to make these yummy snacks.

  • Mmm I love finger food and those samosas look especially fabulous.

  • Mellissa Williams

    My husband would love these and I would too, although I would be wary of adding three chillies, a little too hot for me 😉

  • Twinsplustwo

    THANK YOU for finally showing me how to make these little wraps, I have tried for ages and struggled to make them look “right”!!

  • I much prefer samosas and these will be perfect to make for our next work party. Thank you

  • Ooh – I haven’t tried to make samosas yet and I love them. This looks like a great way to have a go at them without fiddly pastry!

  • Thou Shalt Not Covet

    I’ve never tried to make samosas before but these look like a must try! xxx

  • Sarah Ebner

    We eat wraps a lot, but had never thought of doing them like samosas – what a brilliant idea. We will be trying this!

  • Ness

    I do like tortillas and I think these would make great alternatives to sandwiches for packed lunches.

  • What a handy picnic food for summer also

  • Kara

    These look delicious – perfect for lunchboxes too

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I need to stop reading you blog, I am always hungry afterwards x

  • beautykinguk

    They look delicious, I am quite a fan of tortilla wraps!

  • mummyandthechunks

    These look really yummy! Will have to try!

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