Waitrose hot & spicy mango chutney

IMG_2216-001IMG_2216Mango chutney is the classic accompaniment served with most Indian meals.   I love eating the chutney with fresh hot puris.  Here is a recipe for my Mango chundo (mango preserve) which I make regularly.  However, last year I wasn’t able to get good raw mangoes for making the chundo (preserve) and had been looking for some ready made mango pickles.

I bought  several pickles this week and will write about them as  soon as we try them.  I  have to tell you about the Waitrose hot and spicy mango chutney today as I  was very impressed by it’s taste and  felt that I should write and let everyone know  about this chutney.    It was sweet with just the right amount of heat from the chillies.   It wasn’t runny like some cheap chutneys and neither was it all sugary.   The spices used in the chutney were aromatic and the taste was very similar to the Indian pickles I am used to.  it had plenty of whole cardamoms, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, black pepper, clove powder, nutmeg as well chilli flakes, cumin seeds, chilli powder,  black onion seeds, white pepper, black peppercorns, cloves to give the chutney a bit of a kick.   We had the chutney  with hot puris as well as with pitta chips.  It’s really a good chutney to have in the fridge to serve with any accompaniment.


Please note that this is not a sponsored post and all the views in this Post are mine and I did not get paid to write them.

Do you have any favourite Chutneys you can recommend?   Would you serve ready-made pickle or chutney?